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Workers unearth WWII bombs in WA quarry

Sensibly, workers immediately notified authorities, who quickly dispatched an ordnance team to analyse the munitions. Upon inspection, all the bombs were found safe and full of sand. The unexploded arms were removed from the quarry by the Australian Defence Force, which is currently sweeping the area around Narngulu for other weapons.

The area had been used as a bombing range by the RAAF in the middle of last century. Defence spokesperson Gary Booth told WA Today that in all likelihood, servicemen at the time probably assumed that the area would never be anywhere near a residential area.

“They have done the right thing with notifying police after finding the devices,? Booth told the paper. ?”If anybody does come across any suspicious item that could be a bomb, they must not handle it, they should leave it where it is and report it to the local police.”

SOURCE: WA Today, The West Australian, Nine News

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