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New Bell ADT improves safety, performance, comfort

The MkVI includes a significant alteration to the gear selection and bin-tip lever incorporated into a fully sealed switch module. The new layout increases the truck?s longevity by reducing wear and tear, but also makes the cab more comfortable by placing controls within easy reach of its driver.

A new keyless start is designed for both security and convenience, allowing operators to simply key in a numerical code for startup. The ability for codes to automatically expire allows site management to carefully control who access the machine and when.

Its keyless stop capability sees the D-Series MkVI?s engine automatically spin down, taking into account how hard it has been working. Likewise, an automatic park brake application goes into effect when the truck is placed in neutral ? a gear that can?t be selected above 5km/h.

Operators have the ability to monitor the machine?s stability at all times, with a new pitch and roll measurement device fitted to the rear chassis. A number of additional technologies, like the Hill Assist feature, use an inclinometer to judge the angle of the vehicle and then cross-reference this data with an on-board weighing feature. When enabled, the park brake will only release once a specific engine torque is reached to ensure the Bell doesn?t roll backwards.

On the other hand, if unladen on flat ground, by checking its angle and payload, the truck will pull away in second gear to ensure a smooth start.

Other security improvements, such as an in-cab emergency stop, lockout kits, hi-visibility mirrors, additional work lights and deluxe seating, have also been included.

And operators will be pleased to note that, apart from the safety and performance improvements, the new Bell D-Series MkVI ADT also features ? importantly ? a CD player, specifically built for sweet tunes on the job.

SOURCE: Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia

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