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Heavy fines for unlawful quarrying

According to The Daily Mercury, Kevin Murphy took 2000 cubic metres of sand from Julia Creek without a permit, almost undermining a bridge pylon just before the onset of the wet season in the process.

The prosecution argued that, as a commercial operator, Murphy would have been aware of the requirement. While he pleaded guilty to the charges, his barrister, Paddy Cullinane, claimed Murphy had taken the sand to ?assist pensioners around Julia Creek.?

Prosecutor Evana Hudson told the court on behalf of the Department of Environment and Resource Management that the permit system for removing sand and gravel from creeks is in place to keep track of resources.

While the prosecution is seeking a fine in the range of $25,000 plus royalties of $3180, the defense believes Murphy should only be required to pay $8,000. A permit would have set Murphy back $5,000.

The judge is set to hand down a fine in October. Murphy is currently quarrying sand from the Flinders River ? with a permit.

SOURCE: The Daily Mercury

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