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Traditional belt scale takes a portable approach

Accurate weighing and measurement is essential for improving quarry productivity, but quality measurement hasn?t always been available for mobile weighing equipment, according to Soeren Schramm, product manager for Loadrite.

?Traditionally, belt scales have only been used on fixed, not portable, conveyor belts, because the shorter length of portable belts has not been sufficient for accurate results. But being able to accurately weigh materials crossing the conveyor on a mobile crusher, screen or stacker is important if operators want the best results from their business,? Soeren said. ?There is increasing demand for the ability to measure processes, production and performance right across a quarry operation to ensure every part of the system is optimised for maximum productivity.?

Loadrite?s C-Weigh for mobile equipment has been specially designed to provide reliable results when used on mobile crushers, screens and stackers. It is more than a traditional belt scale used in a portable application, it has been developed specifically for the portable equipment environment, with rugged components and easy installation.

With a C-Weigh belt scale on mobile equipment, operators can view reliable data on their tonnage crushed per hour, day, week or month, and an overview of the efficiency of their crushing and screening processes.

?The C-Weigh scales provide a repeatable accuracy which is not standard in the industry,? Soeren said. ?The scale frame is very well suited for retrofitting and doesn?t require major structural modifications, and it is tolerant to shock, vibration and extreme temperatures.?

The mobile scale has been installed around the world, from Australian mines to quarries in Qatar, France, the USA and Canada. It uses the same robust, easy to learn user interface as Loadrite?s wheel loader scales, works with a range of wireless data communications options including Wi-Fi, radio modems or cellular modems and is able to fit most crushers, screens and stackers.

?The design ensures C-Weigh is very cost-effective and unobtrusive so retrofitting is very achievable,? Soeren said.

Reporting options are available to suit the needs and experience of the user. ?It starts with the simple digital display that shows tonnes per hours and total tonnes,? Soeren said. ?It is also possible to print out the report or reports can be emailed directly to the user?s inbox.

Connection to Loadrite?s MMS allows for basic inventory and stockpile reports or the system can be integrated with third party software.?

For advanced reporting requirements, the C-Weigh can be coupled with Loadrite?s INSIGHT software, a new web-based system that offers the reporting power of expensive PLC/SCADA systems at a fraction of the cost.

?The web-based system requires no hardware, which is why it is so much more cost-effective. Beyond that, it makes it possible to access data any time, from anywhere in the world.

?With INSIGHT, companies can easily identify bottlenecks and pinch points in their processes, track tonnes per hour through the plant, track inventory and assess the wear rate of parts,? Soeren explained.

?They can also track ?black belt? time (when the plant is running but not producing) and keep tabs on downtime. Having access to this information means companies can properly assess their procedures and confirm the impact of the changes they introduce.?

INSIGHT can be set up to work with weighing scales right across an operation, including mobile and fixed conveyors, loaders and excavators and can be integrated with equipment of any brand.

?All of our products are backed by our experienced distributor network throughout Australia and globally and customers who buy a Loadrite product get the peace of mind that comes from dealing with a company that has been at the forefront of the industry for over 30 years,? Soeren said.

Source: Actronic Technologies/Hardman Communications

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