Earthmoving supplier trumps productivity test

A ?leading global aggregate producer? in the States tested four-wheel loader brands in a controlled, side by side evaluation in an effort to ascertain which machine best suited its needs. 

The company, which operates around 300 large, 50+ tonne wheel loaders globally, expects its equipment to handle hard pushing into a pile and loading rigid or articulated haulers at the face, to fast-cycle re-handling and loading crushed stone in the yard.

During the evaluation, competitors submitted their machines for testing in three tasks over a week long period. The equipment was required to face load 60 tonne rigid haulers with blasted granite, load and carry blasted granite to feed the primary crusher, and long load, carry and re-handle crushed stone around the stockyard.

While competitors were allowed to optimise their equipment to suit conditions, with tyres and buckets, producers controlled all elements of the tests and measurements, noting fuel consumption and productivity data. 

During the week long tests, the aggregate producer found that Volvo Construction Vehicle?s L350F wheel loader had a ?substantial advantage? in all categories, with a 17 to 41 per cent greater fuel efficiency over the competition. It also claimed a 13 to 20 per cent better productivity result over the three tests.

Volvo representatives were naturally pleased with the results.

?Volvo machines are extremely fuel efficient, but I have to admit we were still pleasantly surprised by the margin of success the L350F enjoyed in this evaluation, across all tests,? said Blaine Pressley, segment director for Volvo Construction Equipment North America. ?We have a lot of confidence in the L350F ? and it?s great to see it vindicated by one of our customers in their own evaluation.?

  • Source: Volvo Construction Equipment

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