Caterpillar expands into China

Entitled the Asia Pacific Proving Ground, the new facility is an expansion of the company?s existing research and development assets in the region, providing validation and product development services for Caterpillar machinery from the Asia Pacific.

Along with the proving ground, Caterpillar will set up a new large wheel loader manufacturing facility that will produce a new model of a wheel loader that?s currently being developed in Wuxi.

?The large wheel loaders we are going to make in Tongzhou will give customers a new option that has been designed to suit the needs and requirements for mining applications in China and growth markets,? said Luis de Leon, Caterpillar vice president with responsibility for the mining products division. ?By locating the wheel loader facility with the proving ground and near several other Caterpillar operations and our supply base, we will leverage Caterpillar?s total business model to speed product development cycle times with unmatched engineering and supply chain support.?

The new site, built close to Caterpillar?s existing manufacturing facilities, adds to the company?s 16 manufacturing facilities, three research and development centres and three logistics and parts centres in that country.

?The Asia Pacific Proving Ground will be critical for Caterpillar to develop and validate the right products for growth markets quickly and cost effectively,? said Tana Utley, Caterpillar vice president and chief technology officer with responsibility for the product development and global technology division. ?After this new proving ground is open, Caterpillar will be better positioned to compete and support its growing customer base in China and across Asia.?

Caterpillar expects the Proving Grounds to be open in Q3 2012, and the manufacturing facility in Q4.

Source: Caterpillar

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