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Safe liner lifting

After several years of research and development by leading manganese liner supplier Crushing Equipment Pty Ltd, the aim is for Mangasafe to become the by-word for safety and efficiency in liner replacement.
With extensive field-testing and rigorous NATA and AS3776-2006 load certification now complete, Mangasafe is ready for use in mines and quarries across Australia.
?This is a simple solution to what can be an extremely dangerous task in the industry,? Crushing Equipment managing director Tom Bruce said.
?We have perfected a simple yet innovative response to the hazardous and time consuming method of welding lifting lugs to manganese liners. Mangasafe is simply inserted into the liner?s pre-cast holes, a stabiliser bar fitted and the lifting chains attached.
?It is a safe, efficient procedure which is done in less than a minute and also positions liners at the right angle to lower against the jaw face,? Tom Bruce explained.
?While we had an obvious focus on improving production in developing Mangasafe, our real motivation is to improve safety in the industry.
?We expect Mangasafe will become the industry standard for safe liner change outs and all Crushing Equipment Pty Ltd liners are now cast to allow use of this innovative tool,? he added.
?We have totally removed the need to weld lugs and the associated risks involved and can now lift a jaw liner in five simple steps in a process that is measured in a matter of minutes.?
The new cone crusher lifting tool is currently undergoing final testing and further development and is expected to be available soon.
With Mangasafe field tested for many months, Crushing Equipment Pty Ltd is undertaking an extensive marketing program to communicate the benefits of the innovative tool.
?We are keen to invest time in educating the industry about the safety benefits Mangasafe delivers and so developed the catchy name and are now undertaking an advertising and communications programme to convey it to the industry,? Tom explained.
?I?m confident that anybody interested will be impressed with the simplicity and effectiveness of Mangasafe.  Our website videos demonstrates the system at work in the field already.
?We?re sure that over time, Mangasafe will become the first word associated with safe crushing liner change outs ? just like Hoover is to vacuuming.?
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