Warm Winter Olympics assisted by sand

The city of Sochi, in Krasnodar Krai, Russia, is located along the shores of the Black Sea near the Caucasus Mountains. Despite its sub-tropical climate, with mild winters (average of 11?C during the day and 4?C at night) and comfortable summers (average of 24?C during the day and 16?C at night), Sochi is preparing to host the Winter Olympic Games in 2014. In connection with this event, major sports and infrastructure facilities are being built.

Because the Olympic site is classified as a 12-magnitude seismic zone, the State Corporation Olympstroy and Russian construction regulations only allow the use of high quality washed aggregates in concrete when constructing critical objects in Sochi.

The above mentioned requirements are being met in full by the company Maykop Nerud Company, which produces crushed stone of various fractions and sand using Metso?s mobile crushing and screening plant and a stationary washing complex, processing ancient metamorphic alluvial formations into high quality construction materials.

To date, Maykop Nerud has shipped to Sochi more than a million tonnes of inert materials/aggregates produced in its in-house production and in adjacent quarries. Inert materials are delivered to Sochi exclusively by rail, due to difficult mountain conditions. The company dispatches one to two trains containing 3000 to 6000 tonnes of crushed stone and building sand to the Olympic city daily.

Aggregates from Maykop Nerud are being used in many Olympic projects, including a major ice rink, and in tunnel complex No. 1, consisting of 2.5 kilometres of road, railway and service tunnels, which will be used to transport guests at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games between the Olympic Village and a ski complex in Krasnaya Polyana.

Maykop Nerud?s washed sand is also being used by tubing manufacturers for five tunnels under construction.
Maykop Nerud was established just four years ago and was supplying the inert materials of other producers using an in-house railroad warehouse. Later, the company entered into contracts with major construction companies running operations in Sochi and purchased its own equipment for crushing and screening.

?While looking for an equipment supplier, we were approached by manufacturers of crushing and screening equipment. After their proposals were subsequently cross-checked, Metso was deservedly chosen as a supplier of high quality equipment over all other bidders,? says Alexander Kozhanov, the general director of Maykop Nerud.

?Since choosing Metso as our equipment supplier and during the course of ou co-operation, we have come to the realisation that Metso is a true partner for us. In close co-operation with Metso we develop and implement processes unavailable to competitors, work together as a united team and share valuable experience,? Kozhanov adds.

A good example is Metso?s washing complex, operated at Maykop Nerud?s quarry. It is the first complex of its kind in Russia.

?In the initial stages of preparation for the technical requirements of the equipment, we had planned to purchase a mobile washing plant but Metso?s engineers convinced us of the advantages of stationary washing and screening equipment. Today, with the complex working 24/7 at full capacity, it is easy to see that we made the right choice,? says Maykop Nerud?s deputy general director Alexey Poddubny.

As raw material Maykop Nerud uses metamorphic alluvial sediments of hard rock, deposited in the valley of the Belaya River millions of years ago. The sand-gravel mix in the company?s quarry features some properties of granite with excellent hardness, making it a good feed for the production of quality aggregates.

Straightforward quarrying technology is utilised: excavators dig up the sand-gravel mix and move it to stockpiles. From the stockpiles the sand-gravel mix is reclaimed to Metso?s three-stage crushing and screening process, consisting of tracked jaw and cone crushing plants and a mobile screen.

Crushed to the size of 0?20mm, the material is transported by conveyors to a washing complex consisting of a feed hopper, conveyors, a four-deck washing screen, a spiral classifier and an automated control system.

In order to facilitate the operations of its customers, Metso has established a stock of spares and consumables on Maykop Nerud?s territory; Maykop Nerud can use the stock for its own purposes and parts can also be delivered to other Metso customers as required. The reliability of the equipment and its operational effectiveness mainly depend on the availability and prompt replacement of spares and consumables, a prerequisite ensured by the mutual efforts of Metso personnel and Maykop Nerud staff.

Having taken into account the growing demand for high quality end products, Maykop Nerud and Metso agreed to extend their co-operation and create an even more powerful stationary crushing and screening complex, including a primary jaw crusher and two stationary cone crushers for operation in combination with a stationary washing complex.

?Beginning in the second quarter of 2012, we will use the new stationary crushing and screening complex along with the mobile equipment, thus allowing us to increase our capacity to 130,000 to 140,000 tonnes per month in order to meet the constantly growing demand,? says Stanislav Steblyansky, the other deputy general director of Maykop Nerud.

The company?s sand-gravel mix resources are expected to last upwards of 20 years. Upon the completion of mining and once the territory has been rehabilitated, the quarry will be transformed into an artificial lake for recreation and fishing for the residents of the City of Maykop.

Location: Maykop Nerud Company quarry, City of Maykop, Republic of Adygea, southern Russia.
Raw material:      Hard rock sand-gravel mix, hardness 40 kN.
Capacity:      250 tph, with increase up to 550 tph in 2012.
Resources: Over 10 million cubic metres.
On-site Metso equipment:
Lokotrack LT106 jaw plant
Lokotrack LT200HP cone plant
Lokotrack ST3.5 mobile screen
Nordberg CVB 2060-4 inclined screen
Nordberg SF2870 sand trap
Equipment being installed with washing complex in second quarter of 2012:
1 Nordberg C80 jaw crusher
2 Nordberg HP4 cone crushers
2 Nordberg CVB2060-4 inclined screens
1 Nordberg SF2360 sand trap
1 Nordberg SF2870 sand trap
End products:
Washed building sand 0?5mm, crushed aggregates 5?10mm, 10?20mm, 5?20mm, 20?40mm.

Source: Metso

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