Cold planers prove their roadworthy credentials

Roadtec, part of Astec Australia, offers four profilers from the RX400 through to RX900. Two RX500s were recently purchased by Road Profilers Queensland (RPQ).

?The RX500 is perfect for the work we do in pavement failure repairs for regional councils, where the material being excavated is limited amounts of asphalt and big amounts of unbound gravel,? said RPQ general manager Craig Roubin.

When Queensland company Allens Asphalt needed a one-metre width cut profiler for internal works, it chose the RX400. With a big engine and ability to add a 1.5 metre drum, the machine also offered versatility.

?We were impressed with the quick commissioning of the machine,? said operations manager David Bell. ?Excellent training was provided on- and off-site by skilled local and overseas trainers.?

For road profiling company K&L Profiling, the RX700 half-lane cold planer provided ease of maintenance and simplicity of build. ?We were looking for a non-complicated, powerful deep lift machine,? said K&L operations manager Lawrence Parry, who is impressed with the American culture of building machines without lots of bells and whistles. ?Should anything go wrong, we want a machine that can be repaired on-site, not have to call in a computer technician.?

K&L Profiling?s cold planer arrives this month. The RX700 has a 700 horsepower (522 kW) engine and a 356mm cutting depth. The RX500, RX700 and RX900 cold planers are available with three or four tracks.

Source: Astec Australia/Garnish Marketing

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