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A portable answer to dust suppression

Suitable for the suppression of both dust and odours, the Minetek DSUs are extremely portable and adaptable to many differing working environments.

The system works because the size of the water molecules created by the DSU matches the size of the powder/dust it is treating.

It handles even the very finest dust particles using a combination of different sized droplets.

Available in either pole-mounted or more mobile trailer-mounted versions, the Minetek DSU has two versions that can project water
at a distance of either 50 or 70 metres.

They have low noise levels and high power output, with a wide range of angle and elevation while being easy to use.

The most powerful version, the T700, with a throw distance of up to 70m, has an installed power rating of 11.5kW, and protection
rating to IP 66, a 340? range of rotation and an elevation ranging from -20? to +45?. Water consumption ranges between 15 and 70 litres per minute.

Options include a multifunction portable radio-control handpiece, electronic water valves, automated rotation and elevation, a fluid
doing system to introduce additives for dust suppression or odour control, generators, water tanks, hoses and pipework.

Source: Minetek/Omentum Media

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