Wheel loaders boost equipment line-up

New Holland Construction has added a range of wheel loaders and compact wheel loaders to its established line-up of skid steers, backhoes and telehandlers.

The new additions include three C series wheel loaders ? the W170C, W190C and W230C ? ranging from 134kW to 168kW. There are also two B series models in the 75kW to 93kW bracket ? the W110B and W130B ? as well as two compact wheel loader models, the W50B TC and W80B TC.

New Holland makes its entry into the Australian wheel loader market in October.

New Holland brand leader Wayne Munce says the decision to add wheel loaders to its line-up was prompted by operator demand.

?Australian wheel loader operators want more power, faster cycle times and lower fuel consumption from their machines – all hallmark features of the new range.

?While October marks their Australian debut, New Holland wheel loaders are well established, proven performers abroad. We want to offer Australian operators a wheel loader that?s built to deliver outstanding performance for our harsh working conditions,? says Wayne.


The C series wheel loaders feature Tier 4 interim engines with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology to deliver exceptional power and low fuel consumption.

?The SCR solution delivers power and fuel economy as well as technology to meet Tier 4 interim emissions requirements. The 6.7 litre high pressure common rail engine will deliver best in class power and torque,? says Wayne.

?Strong and fast hydraulics deliver a brilliant performance and an optional five-speed transmission with lock-up torque converter will provide fast acceleration, quick cycle times and high travel speeds.?

An innovative feature of the C series loaders is the advanced Cooling Cube. The Cube is positioned in the centre of the machine with the radiators mounted around three of its sides and the hydraulic tank positioned in the centre. This means the engine acts as a counterweight, enhancing stability and giving best access for service.

?The hydraulically driven fan, automatically activated by a thermostatic sensor, draws fresh clean air from outside through the radiators and blows it over the engine to the rear of the machine. Each cooler is cooled individually with fresh air, not heated air from the previous cooler as in other wheel loaders. Cooling is optimised, lowering stress on components and enabling longer operation.?


The B series W110 and W130 feature a closed centre, load-sensing hydraulic system for fast cycle times and maximum breakout force on demand. Four different work modes allow the operator to select a power mode to match machine performance to the job, to maximise productivity and fuel efficiency.

?Maximum power delivers performance for extreme conditions, while standard power is designed for normal loading conditions,? Wayne says. ?Economy power is designed for efficiency during lift and carry applications, while the automatic power option matches the power curve to the application.?

Maintenance-free outboard wet disc brakes on all wheels help improve traction and control, while rugged, limited slip differentials keep moving in the worst conditions by transferring power from the slipping wheel to the wheels with the best traction.

The W110 and W130 also feature best-in-class cabs for superior comfort, and ground-level maintenance checkpoints for speed and ease of access.


The new compact wheel loader options, the W50 BTC and W80 BTC, are compatible with New Holland?s skid steer loader attachments.

?The versatility to switch attachments between machinery means customers get even more bang for their buck,? Wayne says.

The compact models also have a new boom design with a lift cylinder and a bucket cylinder, dump reach and great visibility.

?These machines are very operator-friendly,? Wayne says. ?With less than two degrees horizontal lift deviation, there?s no need for manual correction during forklift operation. Operators can focus more on load placement and increasing cycle times.?

Source: New Holland Construction/Hardman Communications

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