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Tightened training package tackles skills shortages

SkillsDMC, the National Industry Skills Council for the resources and infrastructure industry, has launched RII09 V2, a revised version of its rationalised national training package.

The revisions to the training package will streamline qualifications and competencies, and increase the portability of skills across the drilling, mining (coal and metalliferous), quarrying and civil infrastructure sectors.

?The package will help existing employees and new entrants to the workforce to upskill,? said Steve McDonald, CEO of SkillsDMC.
RII09 V2 impacts over 500,000 employees and thousands of companies, allowing employers to identify and recruit candidates with the skills and qualifications relevant to their operations, across both sector and State lines. It has imported two units of competency, revised 44 units of competency, revised 37 qualifications and added an additional skill set with two units of competency – Supervision of Indigenous Employees.

Source: SkillsDMC/Impact Communications

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