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The wheel loader that drives like a sports car

The machine is in addition to a Doosan Mega 500 wheel loader that has 17,000 hours, since being purchased second-hand from Tasmania. The operator brought the DL420 across Bass Strait six years ago and it has clocked up 3500 trouble-free hours ever since.

Both machines are used for a regional landfill site, southeast of the Melbourne CBD.

The operator, since July 2010, has been Tony who has clocked up over 3000 hours in that period. Occasionally, he operates a similar sized wheel loader on the same tasks

But Tony’s plant preferences lie with the Doosan loader. “For a start, the 209kW engine on the Doosan uses only about 12 litres per hour (l/h) of diesel on normal loading. But we mix a lot here and you’ll probably bounce it up to 15l/h doing that,” he said. That compares favourably with the other loader, which uses between 20 and 23l/h doing similar work.

Tony said the gearing on the other wheel loader was not right for the tasks he is doing. “It is lower geared, slow in reacting and is a heavier feeling machine that is harder to steer than the Doosan. The DL420 is like a sports car after the other machine,” he said.

Tony adds that there is much better visibility from the Doosan, it has a better turning circle and it can be moved forwards and backwards with just one lever, compared with two on the other wheel loader.

Tony said Doosan distributor Clark Equipment services every 500 hours under an extended warranty plan. However, there have been few surprises.

“I’ve never put a spanner on it. I grease and refuel it every couple of days and that’s all I do,” he said.

Source: Clark Equipment Sales Pty Ltd

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