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The Odd Rock: New concrete sound

Israeli industrial design student Shmuel Linski has done it again.

The young man who previously designed and crafted a concrete hull for a canoe and then followed it up with a functional ?Espresso Solo? coffee machine with concrete exterior has unveiled his final year project at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Tel Aviv: a pair of 56kg concrete-encased music speakers.

The unusual shape of the speakers is made to accommodate the functional parts of the speaker? a driver and a port that are linked by a 965mm pipe without any sound absorbent lining. Shmuel Linski says the bell shape of the speaker makes up for this but its audio performance has not been put to the test.

Mr Linski says he likes to work with concrete to show just how fundamental it is to daily life. ?We often encounter plastic, wood, leather and other basic materials in our homes,? he says, ?but we encounter concrete as a ?hidden? material which is covered by layers of plaster and paint. In my work I tried to give, in addition to great aesthetics, practical reasons for using concrete as a main material in a product.?

Source: Aggregate Research, www.psfk.com

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