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New 35 tonne class ?flagship? for Dash 8 range

According to Chris Moroz, Komatsu Australia?s business manager for construction, it is a true heavy-duty machine, aimed at major civil construction applications, as well as light quarry work.

The benefits of the new machine over its predecessor, the still current PC300LC-8, include improved lift capacities, increased stability, higher operating weight, and high-flow auxiliary piping as standard, allowing it to handle more powerful and productive attachments.

?The civil construction sector today is demanding a true 35-tonne plus excavator capable of meeting the challenges of today?s projects, while still being relatively easily transported, particularly in metropolitan areas,? Chris said.

?Everything about this machine is heavy-duty. It?s been designed from the ground up with a new frame and other factory improvements as a true 35-tonne machine, rather than simply being an upspecced 30-tonner.

?It takes over from the PC300LC-8, offering increased productivity but still with the same fuel economy as the smaller machine,? he said.

?The PC350LC-8 uses the same engine and hydraulics of the PC300LC-8, so users can expect similar fuel economy, while the improved frame design and other factory upgrades ensure improved performance.?

Chris Moroz said the PC300LC-8 was previously Komatsu?s class-leading flagship construction excavator, and the company believed its customers would want the improved performance it could offer with the PC350LC-8.

?Our new PC350LC-8 comes with all the factory standard features offered on our other Dash 8 machines, such as hammer and quick hitch piping, a certified ROPS Dash 8 cabin, hose-burst protection, rear camera and KOMTRAX remote monitoring,? he said.

?We?d also like to point out that this is a quite different specification to the US-built PC350LC-8, which some customers may have seen overseas or online. The US is an upspecced PC300LC-8, while the Japan-sourced version we are releasing in Australia and New Zealand has been completely redesigned.?

Key features of the heavy-duty PC350LC-8 include:

? An increased lift capacity by 15 per cent.
? An extra heavy-duty track frame.
? Heavy-duty quarry grousers.
? An improved centre frame ground clearance.
? Improved stability for more productive digging.
? Full-length track roller guards as standard.
? ROPS certified cabin factory standard.
? High flow heavy-duty hammer/auxiliary piping as standard.
? A machine operating weight of 35.6 tonnes, including quick hitch and general purpose bucket, compared with the PC300LC-8?s 34.5 tonnes.
? An overall track width of 3320mm with 600mm grousers.

The PC350LC-8 ? in common with other Dash 8 excavators ? features Komatsu?s ecot3 (ecology and economy technology 3) approach, which combines electronic control, hydraulic and engine technology, with all machine components designed and manufactured by Komatsu to work together as an integrated whole.

Chris Moroz said the PC350LC-8 was the latest example of Komatsu?s unique design and manufacturing philosophy.

?No other equipment manufacturer offers the combination leading technology and componentry, all designed and manufactured by Komatsu to work together as an integrated whole,? he said.

?Virtually all other manufacturers offer machines with engine and hydraulic components supplied by a host of third party suppliers, which means compromises in technology and performance.

?Because all Komatsu excavator components ? including those on the PC350LC-8 ? are designed and manufactured from the ground up to work together, we offer unmatched technology, integration and machine performance.?

Source: Komatsu Australia/Spitfire Communications

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