Monitoring your assets with GPS technology

GPS technology can be applied to almost any situation from tracking vehicles to monitoring how many cups of coffee a coffee machine makes. The possibilities are endless.

A leading provider of GPS tracking solutions is Future Fleet Pty Ltd. Based in Brisbane, Future Fleet specialises in advanced customised GPS real-time web-based tracking, fleet management and cost efficiency solutions for businesses all over Australia. A business within the quarrying and extractive industries that has embraced GPS technology is Rockcycle Crushing.

Rockcycle Crushing is a family operated business specialising in the supply of crushing and screening equipment for short- and long-term requirements. The Rockcycle Crushing fleet consists of Extec jaw crushers, cone crushers, impact crushers and S7 triple and double deck screens.

Dale Spedding, owner of Rockcycle Crushing, has employed the Future Fleet GPS solution to track the location and usage hours of his machines during hire. Dale believes GPS technology has benefitted Rockcycle Crushing enormously. ?I can reconcile daily how many hours the machine has actually worked, delivering accuracy in invoicing to customers, service scheduling and fuel consumption rates,? he explained.

The Future Fleet solution consists of a GPS tracking device fitted with weatherproof casing, ensuring protection from the elements. The device is programmed to recognise when the machine is in operation and records the engine hours and location of the machine. This allows Dale to accurately charge out his machines.

?Efficiency has been improved through various levels including improved accuracy on quoting for future jobs, planning improves because information is at hand, that is, servicing, and in-house office keeping can happen at close of business for that day, week or month.?

Future Fleet has a range of customised solutions to suit individual needs and requirements, including emergency man-down pendants and in-vehicle emergency switches to improve driver safety and comply with strict health and safety regulations. Every solution is web-based and requires no additional software; integration is seamless. Customers can access extensive reports including location, speed, mileage, ignition on/off and detailed trip or job reports easily and conveniently from work and/or home.

GPS technology has ensured Dale has full control of his business no matter where jobs are located. ?For me, a system that delivers accurate, timely information is essential when you?re not hands-on daily. Future Fleet has enabled me to take on work in locations that were previously not attractive because of their distance from my base.?

Future Fleet GPS tracking solutions provide customers with increased job productivity and efficiencies, reduced maintenance costs, improved time management and increased security. The Future Fleet solution becomes a necessity in daily business operations and customers experience substantial savings in time and money.

According to Dale, Rockcycle Crushing has experienced many cost-saving benefits because it can ?invoice in a timely, more accurate manner? when subcontracting.

?No more long trips to read exact hours from meters, on time servicing and minimised downtime on site. Overall, Future Fleet has helped Rockcycle grow and enhance our business and deliver excellent customer service,? he said.

Source: Future Fleet Pty Ltd

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