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Equipment Sales uptrend set to continue

increase in activity in the mining sector, particularly in Queensland and Western
Australia, together with the start of some large infrastructure projects, have
been drivers of the increase in total market sales,? explained CMEIG chief
executive officer John Reid.

The joint
CMEIG/DBI report illustrated that there was a large disparity between sales in
different States. While Queensland increased its sales by 47.1 per cent, South
Australia?s sales decreased by 20.7 per cent over the same period. Overall, the
improved market sales point towards a consolidation of an upward trend that
began in 2010.

The key factors
in the improvement of the Australian construction and mining equipment market in
the first half of 2011 were:

  •  A 15.2 per cent increase in hydraulic
    excavator sales. Sales of this product group account for 43.8 per cent of the
    total equipment market.
  • The increase of wheel loader sales by
    9.6 per cent from 2010.
  • A 21.4 per cent rise in dozer sales,
    overturning the downward trend of 2010.
  • A rise in motor grader sales (up 44.7
    per cent) because of local government participation in investments,
    particularly in Queensland.
  • The ongoing demand for rigid dump trucks,
    which fuelled a further increase of 31.8 per cent in sales.

On the
downside, there was a decline in the sales of articulated dump trucks (by 3.3
per cent) and varied increases in sales of backhoes/loaders (5.4 per cent) and skidsteer
loaders (2.6 per cent), in line with 2010 trends. 

Looking to
the future, Mr Reid predicted that demand for both construction and mining
equipment ?should remain strong through the second half of 2011 as the economy
continues to recover and mining and infrastructure development continues?.

Source: Construction
& Mining Equipment Industry Group

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