New 992K High-Lift offers more loading flexibility

The Caterpillar 992K High-Lift is an added choice for quarries using large wheel loaders. With 610mm more dump clearance than its standard-lift counterpart, the 992K High-Lift can load 91 tonne and 136t capacity trucks like the Cat 777F and 785C, including 91t units with sideboards and fleets running mixed sizes of trucks. In some applications, this added lift height makes it possible to use the 992K rather than a larger loader.

The 992K High-Lift has a rated payload of 19.1t. Assuming 100 per cent bucket-fill factors, the maximum material densities for available buckets, smallest to largest, are 1780, 1660 and 1560 kilograms per cubic metre (kg/m3) respectively. The hinge-pin height at full lift is 7545mm. Equipped with a 10.7m3 bucket, the dump clearance under the teeth (at full height and 45 degree discharge angle) is 5232mm. With 11.5m3 and 12.2m3 buckets, the dump clearances are 5156mm and 5105mm respectively.

At 19.1t, the 992K High-Lift swings less weightthan the 992G High-Lift. Front linkage design changes have reduced rated payload but improved pin casting and linkage durability.

The design of the 992K High-Lift fabricated single boom incorporates castings in high stress areas for long life durability. For easier maintenance, the High-Lift system shares numerous parts with the standard-lift 992K, including lift and tilt cylinders, position sensor and harness, hydraulic lines and buckets. It also has many improvements from the standard-lift model, including load-sensing Positive Flow Control (PFC) hydraulics.

The 992K offers innovative solutions for maintenance. The sleeve bearing pins eliminate the need for daily greasing of the front linkage, and the next generation modular radiator has copper fins for superior heat exchange capabilities. Centralised service and ground level access points, including the bumper and optional fluid service centres, also ease maintenance and reduce exposure to falls.

Source: Caterpillar of Australia

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