Dash 9 dishes up the goods

The latest addition to Hyundai?s Dash 9 range, including the Dash 9 excavator, is the recently released series of wheel loaders. Built on Hyundai?s renowned Dash 7/7A series, the new Dash 9 loader exemplifies Hyundai?s continued engineering prowess and workmanship.

The new features of the Dash 9 loader include:
? An all-new load-sensing hydraulic system with more efficient variable volume pump technology.
? Incorporation of the latest Cummins Tier 3 fuel efficient engine technology.
? Fully automatic power shift transmission, comprising variable shift control and multi-stage clutch cut-off.
? Hi-Mate remote monitoring system (RMS).
? Integrated cluster control and diagnosis system.
? Auto-greasing system (standard or optional, depending on the model).
? An integrated cluster payload management system.
? Auto reversing cooling fan at the rear with swing-out radiator.
? Larger cab with improved visibility, climate control and class leading ergonomics.
? Hydraulic air ride seat for operation.
? Joystick steering (standard or optional, depending on the model, in addition to conventional steering wheel).
? Larger capacity bucket.
? Integrated rear-view backup safety camera (standard or optional).

Special attention has been given to the Dash9 loaders? overall safety and serviceability. Larger removable house doors have been designed for easy access to coolers and engine components. Access ladders have beenintegrated with large steps, providing a 20 degree angle of incline for safer access to thecab and use of three-point entry. The Dash 9 loader?s coolers are configured in a parallel formation with a remotely mounted air conditioning condenser for optimum cooling and clean out, whilst the engine fan has been incorporated into the rear door allowing for wide access when open.

All Dash 9 loaders come standard with Hyundai?s Hi-Mate RMS which keeps the operator or fleet owner up to speed on all machine functions, fuel efficiency and diagnostics through an online internet portal accessible from anywhere in the world.

Hyundai unveiled the Dash 9 Loader at the Australian Construction Equipment Expo at Sandown Racecourse, Melbourne in February and has confirmed that the HL730-9, HL740-9, HL757-9, HL760-9, HL770-9 and HL780-9 models are now available to market.

Source: Conquip/Hyundai Construction Equipment

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