New planet needed by 2030, claims WWF

According to the WWF?s Living Planet Report, Earth?s 6.8 billion humans are living 50 per cent beyond the planet?s sustainability threshold in 2007.

?Even with modest UN projections for population growth, consumption and climate change, by 2030, humanity will need the capacity of two Earths to absorb carbon waste and keep up with natural resource consumption,? the WWF warned.

The report declared that the top 10 countries with the biggest ecological footprint per person are the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Denmark, Belgium, the US, Estonia, Canada, Australia, Kuwait and Ireland and that 31 OECD countries account for 37 per cent of humanity?s ecological footprint. Brazil, Russia, India and China have the fastest growing footprints, and will overtake the OECD bloc if they follow the same development path.

The Living Planet Report can be viewed at

Sources: Red Orbit News,

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