New oscillation covers dust span of 2.8 acres

A specialist in large scale dust suppression technology has designed a 359? oscillation option for its ducted fan models, enabling a single machine to blanket over 11,612m2 ? the equivalent of two football fields ? with a powerful dust-trapping mist.

The expanded oscillation option will be available on all three of the DustBoss fan-driven designs: the DB-60, DB-45 and DB-30. Specifiers will be able to order the machines with four pre-set oscillation arcs of their choosing, allowing users to select the most appropriate coverage for each job site and weather conditions.

?With nearly double the coverage, users can manage dust on a given job with a reduced number of machines,? Dust Control Technology (DCT) president Edwin Peterson claims. ?Crews can focus more on core activities, without having to relocate the units as often to manage adjacent areas.?

To incorporate the expanded oscillation option, engineers shifted the water inlet to a centre feed to accommodate the increased range of motion, and incorporated a larger oscillation motor for additional work.

The DB-60 employs a series of 30 specially designed brass nozzles to atomise water into droplets of 50 to 200 microns in size, the optimum for effective dust particle attraction. Launched by a 18.6kW (25hp) motor that generates 850 cubic metres per minute (CMM) of air flow, the atomised spray has a throw of over 60m to produce the massive coverage area of more than 11,331m2 (or 2.8 acres).

The oscillating DB-45 can deliver a virtual dust barrier that covers more than 6503m2, with a throw of nearly half a football field. With its 11.2kW (15hp) fan, the DB-45 generates 510 CMM of air flow to maximise coverage and particle capture. Like the more powerful DB-60, the design also features adjustable elevation from zero to 50 degrees. An optional 7.5kW (10hp) booster pump elevates water pressure in the DB-45 as high as 200 psi for outstanding particle suppression.

The DB-30, despite its smaller size, can capture dust particles more effectively than many larger machines. Mounted on a movable carriage, it has a 5.6kW (7.5hp) motor that generates 260 CMM. When equipped with the new 359? oscillation option, the DB-30 can cover an area of more than 2787m2, nearly three-quarters of an acre.

All of the DustBoss models are available with Variable Particle Sizing (VPS) technology, providing customers with a wide selection of different nozzles for suppressing a broad range of particle sizes. VPS can be used to control dust outside the typical 50 to 200 micron range, such as odour-causing vapours or very fine solids. Any of the DustBoss designs can be ordered with a dosing pump to add surfactants for superior particle attraction or additives for odour control, and can be equipped with a supplemental filter system permitting the use of non-potable water sources.

Source: Dust Control Technology

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