Material flow concept a new step in mobile crushers

Unlike supposedly ?new? machinery appearing on the market, Kleemann?s newly developed MR110 and MR130 plants continue to push the envelope in innovation and technology. ?EVO? represents a genuinely new development for the entire plant spectrum, with regard to performance, economic efficiency and wear behaviour. Established expertise in stationary plant manufacture and decade-long experience in the construction of mobile plants have led to a new material flow concept.


The material flow concept ensures that there is no restriction to the flow of the material throughout the entire plant. The discharge chute under the crusher is 100mm wider than the inner width of the crusher and the discharge belt which comes after this is a further 100mm wider than the discharge chute. The material is thus transported quickly and carefully away from the critical area under the crusher. The flow rate increases and wear is reduced. Even before crushing takes place, there is an improvement in the material flow thanks to the system widths of the feeder troughs and grizzly that facilitate the smooth transport of the material through the opening of the crusher.

The independently vibrating and effective double-decker grizzly contributes towards the impressive cost efficiency of the machinery. In the EVO plants, the vibration behaviour of the screen and vibrating chute, for example, has been improved. Together with the newly designed crusher bypass which features changes to both form and geometry, the entire system has been relieved of load and a significant contribution has been made not only to increased performance but also the positive wear behaviour of the crusher.

The advantages to EVO technology do not stop there, however. The new crusher is a good example here with highlights such as a new inlet geometry allowing for even better penetration of the material into the range of the rotor. Furthermore, the wear behaviour of the new C-form rotor ledges has been improved to such an extent that the edges remain sharper for longer, leading to an end product of higher quality in the long run. The rotor ledges are held securely by a similarly new and extremely user-friendly clamping system. This means that they can be changed even quicker and thus contribute to the higher availability of the plant.

An even greater contribution made to the availability of the plant and the quality of the end product is the newly developed and fully hydraulic adjustment of the crushing gap. Here, not only can the crushing gap be completely adjusted via the electronic control unit but the calculation of the zero point is possible while the rotor is running. By manually opening the crusher and positioning the rotor, the impact toggles are made redundant.
Further improvements include a brand new control unit with simpler operation, as well as a new screening unit. This screening unit is not only simpler and faster to assemble and disassemble, but is now significantly larger ? by over 44 per cent with the MR110 EVO. During final screening, it is anticipated that the MR110 EVO and the MR130 EVO will deliver output of 350 tonnes per hour and 450 tonnes per hour respectively.

Source: Wirtgen Australia

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