E for easier set up?

Case Construction Equipment’s E series wheel loaders offer good visibility, a spacious, comfortable cab and ergonomic control layout as standard. They also offer easy set up and customised operation to match an operator’s working style, the conditions and the application.
The E series’ factory-fit joystick steering option is suited to the quarry environment. It reduces cycle time, increases productivity and reduces operator fatigue. It is efficient, effective and provides multiple operations with the left hand, including steering and transmission kick-down. With small finger movements, the operator can complete short cycle and repetitive high production load and carry operations in total comfort.

The wheel loader’s cab has an adjustable tilt steering column and adjustable seat with arm rests. The additional interior cab space combines with the iso-mounted cab’s numerous air diffusers, providing maximum air circulation for faster heating and cooling, even in the hottest, dustiest environments.

If the cab is the operations centre for the wheel loader, the brains are located behind the dash display. Using easy to follow menus within the dash, operators can choose from options to set the machine up for maximum safety, comfort and productivity and minimum fuel consumption and wear and tear.

“Most quarry equipment operators have a good idea of exactly how they want their machine set up,” explained Case product manager Kevin Pritchard. “But there are plenty of operators who are new to the industry or still learning. The dash menu caters to all levels of experience, allowing you to choose whether you want the machine to manage its many functions automatically, or to dictate exactly how those functions work.

“For example, there are three power curves and four work modes, which allow you to set the machine up to deliver maximum power at all times, or to deliver maximum fuel economy at all times, or to adjust the ratio automatically for the best performance for the job at hand.”

For activities like excavation that require high breakout force and maximum power to the wheels, maximum power is ideal. For moving light materials, economy mode will complete the task with fuel efficiency. In auto-mode, the electronically controlled engine adjusts between power curves to move the maximum amount of material per litre of fuel.

Case’s standard dual limited slip axles also maximise productivity by delivering reliable, superior traction for quarry conditions. These axles transfer power automatically from the wheel that is slipping to the wheel that is gripping. This reduces tyre wear and maximises the tractive effort into the pile of material to be moved.

Another feature that suits the E series to quarry work is the industry exclusive, cube-shaped mid-mount cooling module. The module provides clean, ambient air to all coolers, raising cooling efficiency, reducing fluid breakdown and extending component life. The optional temperature-controlled fan can be reversed to purge debris from the module. This keeps the machine on the job and away from a cleaning station when debris builds up. The fan’s performance is set up through the dash system, enabling the operator to match it to the conditions.

“Controlling the fan’s speed and clearing debris without leaving the cab saves so much time,” said Kevin. “It is less tempting to keep working when debris is building up simply to reach quotas because, at the flick of a switch, the debris is cleared and the machine can keep working. It takes no time and can add many hours to the machine’s life.”

Another function that can prolong the life of a machine is the ability to restrict the number of gears available to certain operators. This is done through the dash menu and compels an inexperienced driver to operate the machine strictly within the limits of their ability. By keeping to the lower gears, the inexperienced person can be more certain that they will not lose control of the machine or cause too much wear and tear.

“Safety is paramount for any large machine. Gear limits add to the comprehensive list of safety features on Case’s E series wheel loaders,” said Kevin. “This way, machine owners can comfortably let less experienced operators log more hours on the machine, turning them into the experienced operators that are so in demand in quarries.”

Case E series wheel loaders are available in eight models, ranging from 88kW (118hp) to 204kW (274hp). The operating weights range from 10,464kg for the 521E wheel loader to 22,962kg for the 921E model.

Source: Case Construction Equipment/Hardman Communications

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