New excavators bolster wet and dry hire

Eire Contractors, based in Wauchope, NSW, has purchased five new excavators to expand its offering to include wet and dry plant hire as well as civil engineering, sewerage work and water reticulation. The new machines include two Kobelco 330-8 excavators, two Kobelco SK250-8 excavators and one Kobelco SK70 excavator, all of which are earmarked for plant hire work.

?We already had seven Kobelco excavators in our fleet and this new purchase brings us to 12 excavators,? said Eire Contractors administration manager Ian Pascoe. ?We don?t have any other brand of excavator in our fleet because Kobelco has always proved to be reliable and cost efficient to run and our operators love them.?

With customers including government agencies and councils as well as larger contractors, Eire Contractors has built a reputation for providing the best skilled operators equipped with the highest quality machines to get the job done.

?For our customers, time is money. If a machine isn?t working, it costs them both time and money and it makes us look bad. That?s simply not acceptable. We understand that small things can go wrong with machines sometimes but we expect our machines to perform reliably,? said Ian. ?To some extent that reliability depends on servicing the machines by certified technicians and ensuring the daily maintenance checks are done without fail.?

Eire Contractors works along the east coast of Australia and hires a mixture of permanent operators and operators who are local to a specific job. ?We like to support local communities wherever possible,? said Ian.

?Our operators have a lot of experience with different brands of excavators, but we can tell how much they love the machine they?re assigned by how well they take care of it. The Kobelco machines are always gleaming and well maintained!

?Additionally, our operators are often called upon to do fine finishing with the excavators and they all agree that there is a certain ?feel? to a machine that?s difficult to describe but, without it, a machine just feels sluggish. They rave about how responsive the Kobelco hydraulics are, which is what enables them to put that super-fine finish on a job.?

Fuel efficiency is another area where the Kobelco excavators deliver, according to Ian. The company monitors all fuel usage by their machines and have found that Kobelco excavators remain consistently fuel efficient throughout their lifespan.

?Fuel is a significant business cost. Having excavators that are consistently fuel efficient means we can plan our costs over the life of the machine with more certainty,? said Ian.

Eire Contractors purchased their new Kobelco machines from Newcastle Kobelco dealership, Gato Sales and Repairs.
?We have a strong relationship with the guys at Gato. They are always proactive, telling us about new technology and machines that are coming out,? said Ian. ?That kind of supplier relationship definitely helps influence our decision to stick with Kobelco gear.?

Source: Hardman Communications

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