Chinese embrace recycling market

Sandvik Mining and Construction China has been at the forefront in servicing the rapidly expanding Chinese construction industry?s recycling needs. It recently sold a Sandvik QI340 tracked impact crusher and a QA340 tracked doublescreen to demolition and recycling company Huangpu Regeneration Resource and Utilise (HRRU) Co Ltd.

HRRU and its owner, Chen Guangbiao, are seen as key figures in the embryonic Chinese demolition and recycling industry. Mr Chen?s decision to invest in Sandvik?s latest mobile screening and crushing equipment for demolition applications is viewed with great interest as an indicator of Chinese moves to embrace the recycling of construction materials in a big way.

Mr Chen has used his position as a key figure in the demolition and recycling industry to create awareness of both the environmental needs to recycle demolition and construction materials, but also to lobby the central government to support recycling initiatives. Mr Chen has also lobbied for a new policy supporting the demolition and recycling industry through the Ministry of Construction and Provincial Government.
To further assess the demolition and recycling industry, the Vice Ministry of Construction accompanied the Vice Jiangsu Provincial Governor for a fact-finding visit to a HRRU jobsite in November 2009. This fact-finding visit was also attended by over 200 people from the media and the demolition and recycling industry. Another purpose of the visit was to inspect Sandvik?s tracked QI340 impactor crusher and QA340 doublescreen.

Mr Chen believes that with these two Sandvik machines at his disposal, he will not only be able to process construction and demolition materials in a highly effective and profitable manner, but generate high levels of exposure for the possibilities of recycling construction materials in China as a whole.

Source: Sandvik Mining and Construction/Turner & Gold

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