Screen media launched for use on generic screens

The stationary crushing and screening division of Sandvik Mining and Construction unveiled a new modular screening media product for aggregates processing at Bauma 2010 in Munich, Germany from 19 to 25 April. The patent-pending WR modular screening system has been designed for use on non-Sandvik screens. It is viewed as a truly customer-focused development that will produce tangible benefits for all companies involved in screening throughout the rock excavation and processing industries.

The WR modular screening media product features three dynamic attributes that are focused to maximise customers? profitability:

1. Optimised screening accuracy. A fibre-reinforced rubber-screen membrane allows the use of thinner panels with less material between holes. The absence of blind fields in the direction of material flow reduces the carry-over and the amount of undersized particles in the final product.

2. Higher capacity. An anti-blinding screen membrane with cascade effect features an open area larger than other modular systems, resulting in higher throughput capacity.

3. Minimised downtime. A fibre-reinforced rubber-screen membrane, with built-in cross beam protection, results in long wear life. This benefit, combined with a small number of easily replaceable parts, keeps downtime to a minimum.

Other associated gains from this latest development in screening technology include:
? Open cross beams that help prevent the build-up of dirt in the screening media attachment area.
? The absence of steel reinforcement, making the system lighter than other modular systems which, in turn, increases screen bearing life.
? A flat deck that helps spread the material bed quickly and evenly across the screen deck.
? Polymer materials to reduce noise levels.
? A screen membrane that can be made of rubber or polyurethane, but always comes in one standard width.
? Side liners that can be made of rubber, polyurethane or ceramics, depending on application.

The new development is certain to attract widespread attention and interest, and will undoubtedly produce real benefits for customers in the mineral extraction industry.

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Source: Sandvik Mining and Construction

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