Operators seek reliability & longevity from GET

Rocla Quarry Products is a long time customer of Komatsu at its site in Calga, approximately an hour?s drive north of Sydney. Just like any modern quarry operation, Rocla relies upon its machinery to provide maximum return on investment and, in these harsh economic times, the need to minimise downtime has become even more of an issue for the industry.

As operators look to even the most basic service items in search of cost-savings, ground engaging tools (GET) have become a particular area of focus for the industry.

Using the right GET for your application is just one of the ways operators can literally shave thousands off their consumables? bill each month, while minimising downtime and maximising the time their machines actually spend pushing, loading or digging. But how do you know exactly what GET best suits your application, especially in high wear applications like quarrying?

Komatsu can provide full GET solutions for the entire earthmoving, quarrying and mining industries with Australia?s largest range of GET products from its genuine Komatsu, KVX and Hensley product lines.

Komatsu recognised that operators of mixed fleets could benefit from an integrated approach to GET, and as a result provide the customer with far more than just replacement parts for Komatsu branded machinery. In fact, Komatsu can supply GET for any make or model of machine.

As Australia?s largest factory run equipment provider, Komatsu has invested heavily in training its Customer Sales Support Representatives (CSSRs) to understand the GET needs of each individual customer.

Rocla?s quarry at Calga operates a Komatsu D375A-5 in a primary earthworks role. For more than five years, local CSSR Darren Bartolo has been able to provide Rocla with a range of Komatsu services, including the supply of Komatsu genuine GET for the D375.

Rocla says it has chosen to stick with the Komatsu genuine GET for this machine due to its reliability, durability and long life span. The team at Rocla points out that they have trialled numerous ripper points and edges, with the genuine Komatsu Centreline Ripper boot proving the most reliable and durable.

Rocla takes its relationship with its suppliers seriously and comments that it is particularly impressed with the level of service Komatsu provides. Rocla representatives believe that not only does Komatsu supply quality product, but also offers timely service and exceptional value for money.

In addition to the range of GET, Rocla also utilises Komatsu?s field services, including on-site service in the event of a breakdown, and for planned plant repairs. The quarry has also taken advantage of a fixed price plan for the D375, ensuring the ongoing reliability of the machine is maintained by factory accredited service personnel.

Source: Komatsu Australia/The Project Group

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