New Breakers designed for individual application

Sandvik Mining and Construction unveiled two new breaker models as part of a worldwide launch of new products in April at Bauma 2010 in Munich. Designed around a new operating principle that can be matched to specific applications, the 2350kg (2.35 tonne) BR3288 and 3380kg (3.38 tonne) BR4099 are suitable for carriers in the 27  to 60 tonne operating weight class. They include:
? A new operating principle. Stroke length, blow energy and idle blow protector are modified to allow breakers to be matched  to individual carriers and applications.
? Improved hydraulic efficiency. Delivery of massive impact energy and high blow frequency for exceptional power to weight ratio.
? Lower operating costs. The Vibration Dampened Tierods (VIDAT) system provides improved reliability and minimises downtime while a sealing system and enhanced lubrication and longer service periods help reduce operating costs.

Sandvik?s new operating principle allows the BR3288 and BR4099 to be purpose-matched to individual applications and materials using a simple working mode selector located on the breaker. A high energy mode uses a lower blow frequency for optimum breaking power in hard materials, such as granite and reinforced concrete foundations, while a high frequency mode delivers a higher blow rate and reduced impact energy to break softer materials, such as limestone. The idle blow protector works regardless of working mode to provide greater levels of protection.

Source: Sandvik Mining and Construction

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