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This is further complicated by the various manufacturers of loaders having cutting edges specific to their units, which make it even more complex for a customer who has a mixed fleet of loaders. In addition, manufacturers offer different options based on the kind and condition of the quarried product being handled. The same issues are faced by everyone using a loader at a cement mix plant, quarry products wholesaler or a retail outlet.

The inventory of various types of cutting edges for different units in the industry is another waste of locked up capital that could be better used elsewhere. Despite all these issues impacting on productivity, until now there has been very little advancement in the cutting edge itself.

TEDGE is a new, innovative cutting edge that is versatile, universal, easy to replace, suits all loaders, has a very low cost per hour of use and is generally thinner than the usual cutting edges. It is specially manufactured with high wear resistant steel in Australia and available in standard thickness of 32 mm. For smaller loaders in a retail application, even  a 25 mm thick edge is adequate, although some quarries whose large loaders are currently using 50 mm thick cutting edges can do very well with just a 40 mm thick TEDGE. While TEDGE is essentially designed for loader buckets, it is very easily adapted to some excavator buckets and scrapers. Very high wear resistant materials are available for special applications.

The TEDGE is specially designed to:
? Increase the replacement life of the cutting edge, saving time and money.
? Allow one person with no additional lifting tools to replace the edge on-site. This OHS advantage – no special lifting tackles – enables workers to change the cutting edge on-site during a short break.
? Allow multiple configurations of the edge set-up, based on material handled. This means less inventory (one edge fits almost all your loaders).
? Promote the flexibility of on-site edge rotation to even out wear, thereby leading to increased life, lower cost per hour and increased loader uptime.
? The edge remains flat, even when in tooth-pattern mode. It therefore protects loader tyre damage from quarry products otherwise slipping past the bucket teeth.

A schematic set-up of TEDGE in a straight edge and a tooth pattern.

Selkirk Bricks & Pavers, in Ballarat, Victoria, obtained over 2000 hours of life with a 32 mm thick TEDGE. Chief operator Steve McDonald said it was the most practical cutting edge he had come across. It was very convenient to manage and even out the wear of the edge. It also made his back grading more effective.
Peter Robertson, Selkirk?s technical manager, said the TEDGE was easier to manage without the need to bring the loader back to base for edge replacement. The cutting edge can be conveniently and safely changed on-site. This gives the loader increased uptime and productivity.

Selkirk?s purchasing manager Mark Keating also said that the TEDGE was very reasonably priced for the amount of benefit it offers and that it was a pleasure to deal with the manufacturer TSP Group.

Source: Tepran/TSP Group

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