RMS system enhances excavator brand

In the last 12 months, Hyundai Construction Equipment Australia (HCEA) has sold hundreds of units of its Dash 9 excavator into the Australian market.

A prominent feature of the Dash 9 machines is its Remote Management System (RMS) – known as Hi-Mate. Derek Cardinal, HCEA head of technical support, has been working closely with Hi-Mate.

He said that Hi-Mate allowed customers to access and monitor their machines remotely. ?In this process, they can ascertain ?information about the machine such as location, operational modes and ?conditions as well as service requirements.

?What really stands out about this system is that the owners can log in and monitor the machine?s status and determine if the machines are working, travelling or idle. This is an important factor as it allows owners to have greater control over the job.

?A system like this would have been unheard of five to 10 years ago, but is quickly becoming a standard choice for construction equipment owners throughout the world,? Derek remarked.

Robert Pearson, HCEA marketing manager, agreed. ?The Hi-Mate system is a relatively new concept to the Australian quarrying market, with many businesses needing to fully comprehend what it has to offer. Outside of the immediate benefits of GPS satellite tracking and machine operational diagnostics, a good RMS system combined with smart business practice represents a valuable business tool for a commercially conscious company. By this, you can effectively monitor and access your assets? performance/efficiency and develop a truly tangible process and systems to assist your company to grow and minimise expenditure.

?I could see the next generation of RMS technology being ?something like a live-feed camera with complete machine integration and ?connectivity,? Robert continued. ?This type of technology could be integrated into both a business?s IT infrastructure and associated OEM service centres, to provide a true real time monitoring and decision-making tool. This type of evolution is directly correlated with advancements and future development of satellite and information transmission systems, which have grown in leaps and bounds over the past decade.?

Across Australia, Hyundai dealerships have received positive feedback from customers who have purchased Dash 9 machines about the difference Hi-mate has made to their operation, workflow and efficiency.

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Source: Hyundai Construction Equipment Australia

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