IQA industry training: A review

The focus has been on short courses that address particular training needs for members and their employers. We have developed partnerships with a number of training providers, RTOs and regulatory authorities to deliver these training programmes nationwide.
Last year, the Australian Institute of QuarryingEducation Foundation (AIQEF) approved a funding proposal for a one-day training programme – Electrical Awareness for Quarry Managers and Supervisors. It is intended for equipment operators, managers and supervisors within the small mines and quarry sector and aims to raise awareness of the nature and use of electricity in our industry. A major emphasis of this training programme is the impact of the misuse of electricity on the human body and procedures that users of electricity must use to minimise hazards within quarry and small mine operations.

This programme has been developed in partnership with the New South Wales ?Department of Industry and Investment. ?Capable Resources, an RTO based in the Hunter Valley, submitted and subsequently won the tender to develop and present this training programme. The learning resources they created were in accordance with thescope prepared by the IQA and the Department. Stephen Martin from Capable Resources has worked with the IQA to run these courses in various locations in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia. Further workshops are planned in these states, together with Tasmania and South Australia during 2010.

Feedback from sessions we have run during 2009 have been very positive and constructive.The feedback has resulted in several changesto the programme content and how the ?material is presented and we believe most participants benefited from the new ?knowledge they acquired.
We have been running our well-received ?one-day Introduction to Quarry Products ?training programme nationally for about two years now. A new programme, also AIQEF funded, is nearly ready to become part of the PDP and is called Quarry Products ?Technical Training. This is an advanced technical training programme that moves on from our introductory course and is suitable for technical and production staff, laboratory staff and those in management positions who are interested in going into more depth ?regarding the technical aspects of quarry products. The programme has been created in module form, which can be tailored for each group. It can be arranged as a two, three or four-day programme. The modules include:
? Quarry processes.
? Concrete aggregates.
? Sealing aggregates.
? Asphalt aggregates.
? Large rock, armourstone, gabion, mattress and rail ballast.
? Road bases and stabilisation.
? Manufactured sands.
? Alkali-Aggregate Reaction (AAR).

Laboratory and quarry site visits, together with associated discussion, are also an ?optional part of the training. A maximum of three modules can be presented in any one day.

Further details of this training programme will be available soon on the IQA website. It will be scheduled in various locations from May 2010. Michael van Koeverden has again created the learning resource after it was scoped by the IQA and Cement Concrete and Aggregates Australia. Michael is a talented and respected educator in our industry. He is an integral part of our PDP and you will meet him when attending one of our sessions.

For a number of years we have been ?working with Box Hill Institute in presenting our Slope Stability for Quarry Managers and Supervisors one-day training programme. During 2009, we were fortunate to have the ?support of the regulator Queensland Mines and Energy and the involvement of two of their ?Inspectors of Mines, Katie Ormonde and ?Jacqui ?Vinnicombe, who have worked with Chris Terry of Box Hill Institute and IQA to revise the learning resources and jointly present with Chris. Katie and Jacqui?s respective geomechanical and geotechnical backgrounds have been valuable additions to this programme. In 2009, Slope Stability was presented in several locations in New South Wales and Queensland. Further sessions are planned in 2010.
The IQA website is the source of all informationregarding upcoming PDP events. A mouse click on the PDP logo on the right hand side will show events currently scheduled; the list is updated frequently. Weare currently working on a new ?initiative to introduce a comprehensive suite of e-learningprogrammes to further extend and complementour PDP. More information will follow in future reports from the education officer.

In addition to the events being planned, I am always interested in knowing what PDP topics are needed and suggestions for locations. Also, if you have seen or heard of someone who does excellent training, coaching or presentations I would like to hear from you. Suggestions can be forwarded via email to
Over the last few months, the website has been extensively updated. We believe you will find this a useful resource for many matters related to the IQA. In addition, a new website is currently under development, which will provide users with a new look, better and easier functionality and more up-to-date information. I will update you on this in future editions of Quarry, through e-mail newsletters and when I catch up with members at branch functions.
Andrew Kemeny is IQA education officer.

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