Fire safety training will reduce injury, increase wellbeing

Quarry sites see a vast number of heavy vehicles and equipment being operated daily. Operating these vehicles requires specialist training, not only in how to use the vehicle, but also in managing any associated safety issues. One of the major risks to an operator?s safety is a fire, which could break out within or on the vehicle. However, employees are often not provided with this vital training.

Comprehensive emergency response training helps to reduce the number of serious fire incidents and injuries by demonstrating how to prevent fires and how to respond quickly if they occur.

For heavy vehicle and mobile plant and equipment operators, the most important area of training is in the use of fire ?extinguishers. ?Understanding how to use portable firefighting equipment is ?fundamental to maintaining their safety in the event of a fire.
Wormald is a registered ?training organisation (RTO) and offers both a nationally accredited and ?non-accredited fire extinguisher training session. The nationally ?recognised version is ideal for operators who require a nationally ?accredited qualification in this area.
Both courses are a combination of theory and practical training, educating operators about the relevance of state fire safety regulations and the theory of fire and its different classes. They also provide the opportunity to develop operational techniques for using fire equipment in a heavy vehicle fire situation, creating live hot fires for the trainees to practice extinguishing.

?It?s not enough to fit out heavy vehicles and equipment with fire ?extinguishers – operators should be taught how to use this ?equipment to ensure their personal safety,? advised Steve Oxley, Wormald?s national products manager for vehicle systems.

?Practical training is an ideal way to present operators with a simulated fire situation, providing them with the opportunity to tackle a number of fires and, as a result, build their confidence and understanding.

?We can provide our clients with extensive training in order to help their operators understand the risks involved in their role but, more importantly, how to ensure their safety should a fire break out in or on the vehicle or equipment they are operating,? said Steve.

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Source: Wormald/Tyco Fire and Security

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