BHI ?fast tracks? careers through training

On advice from the industry there has been a strong push to upgrade the skills and qualifications of quarry managers. It is now recognised that to operate a quarry there is a need for significant leadership and management skills, along with sound operational knowledge.

In response to the skill requirements of recent times, Box Hill Institute (BHI) has refined the Diploma for quarry managers. The current programme has been designed to focus on the management challenges of operations in a quarry and related fields. Course participantsgain considerable hands-on experience in quarry operations and are ready to step up into leadership and management roles.
An important feature of BHI?s course is its long-established close links with industry, which have provided up to date advice on the ongoing content of the course, along with access to support and advice from the IQA.

Chris Terry, the co-ordinator of the programme, said that ?participants who enter the course have a range of expertise. Some have been in the industry for years, others are recent entrants who are looking to train in quarry management, some are graduate engineers, and others are from a variety of technical backgrounds.?

The Diploma in Extractive Industries Management combines workshop presentations and on the job training, enabling participants to relate what they learn to their workplace and practise skills, techniques, knowledge and tools delivered in the workshop sessions.
Chris said a major advantage of the face to face workshop sessions was that they ?allow students to get to know each other and establish professional networks. Often in this industry people can work in isolation and although they may have heard of each other, they may not have actually met.?

The BHI programme encourages networking, site visits, professional co-operation and sharing of information. The participants who undertook the Diploma in 2009 represented Boral Construction Materials Group, EB Mawsons & Sons and the Barro Group.

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