Simple, accurate, belt scales for mobile plant

Mobile crushers and stackers being manufactured for the extractive industries invariably feature  instruments to indicate operating hours and fuel consumption. Until recently, a simple, reliable, cost-effective measure of tonnes crushed has not been standard equipment.
It has previously been a very complicated and expensive exercise to fit regular belt scales into mobile crushers. Users have  often been disappointed with both weighing accuracy and reliability in the past.

For this reason, Tecweigh have  developed belt weighing scales to ideally suit the harsh conditions imposed by mobile  crushers. According to Tecweigh?s national sales manager Oliver Lynch, it has been  challenging to fit belt weighing equipment to mobile crushers and operate them with a reasonable degree of repeatable accuracy or long term reliability.

?Instead of the unacceptable hacking and cutting of their mobile crusher to modify it to accept the belt scale, we have designed a dedicated group of belt scales with specific models to suit each individual mobile crusher.The scale then fits comfortably and easily into the crusher as a hand fits a glove,? Oliver said.

Due to the extensive range of mobile crusher designs being offered in the market place, the correct belt scale has to be fitted for this task. ?We have specialist scales to suit the most popular crushers, and over time we have added Extec, Striker,  Komatsu and Hitachi mobile crushers to our range,? he said.

Tecweigh?s designs are compact, yet robust. ?With mobile crushers we find there is very little clearance between the output section and the return conveyor compared to a fixed plant conveyor,? Oliver explained. ?There is a limited and confined space in which to install a solidly constructed belt scale and options for mounting the scale vary with each mobile crusher design.? The Tecweigh mobile scale range is designed and built for the mobile crusher where it will live and work for the next ten years.

Tecweigh has a growing range of proven designs and welcomes the opportunity to work with manufacturers, contract hirers and crusher owners to add new models to their range. With regard to mobiles, belt scales have to be located within a fewmetres of the crusher and thus can  experience extreme vibrations, which is the enemy of all weighing systems. The belt scale is typically mounted on a very short conveyor at a steep angle. Only the very best mechanical design, construction and clever processing will overcome these factors to provide accurate and reliable weighing.

An accurate belt scale needs to be a  sensitive instrument located in a very harsh and unyielding environment. Belt scales operate by combining physical  pressure (product on the belt) with belt movement. The scale has to be able to withstand but ignore dust, falling rocks, belt movement and the vibration that is always present in crushing situations. To eliminate inaccurate measurement and enhance long term reliability, Tecweigh mobile belt scales feature the same tough, fully welded construction appreciated in their fixed plant scales. The scales are manufactured using the latest  technology which provides the finest possible  tolerances resulting in improved accuracy.
The Tecweigh mobile belt scale is also supplied with calibration weights which are stored neatly on the scale frame whilst in production mode, and lowered by a simple lever action when calibration of the scale is required, which ensures that the scale can stay as accurate as the day it was installed, throughout its working life. Only one button needs to be pressed to  recalibrate the scale.

The Tecweigh WP20 electronic  processor, which is widely regarded as the most simple to operate and easy to use and  understand, is fitted with  shockproof mountings as standard for mobile  applications. Additional cable  protection and rugged electronics combine to ensure that reliable rate measurement is  guaranteed over the long term, even in the most demanding physical environment.
Tecweigh and its agents and distributors throughout Australia and New Zealand, specialise in installing conveyor belt scales in both fixed and mobile plants.
Source: Tecweigh

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