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Generating set ideal for outdoor applications

The new QAS 500 generating set from Atlas Copco offers dual frequency operation rated at 500kVA at 50Hz (571kVA at 60Hz), with noise reduction and environmental protection features for on-site power in construction applications.

The QAS range, covering various models from 14 to 571 kVA, has been designed  for fast, easy and safe transportation and  on-site handling on unprepared surfaces.

Housed in a noise attenuated enclosure of zinc-plated steel, the QAS 500 meets a sound power level of 99dB(A) at 50Hz, making it suitable for applications in noise sensitive areas. The enclosure also provides resistance against corrosion.

An integrated lifting structure on the enclosure adds to the set?s sturdiness. It is positioned in the centre point of gravity for correct balance and built to support four times its weight. The integration of forklift slots aids safe handling and transportation.
Integrated bumpers protect the enclosure against mechanical impact during transportation. The spillage-free frame is also  a containment base for liquids like oil, coolant and fuel.


Large doors allow easy access to all service points and generator components. External drain points enable easy, efficient draining of oil, coolant and fuel with reduced risk of environmental spillage. A 905 litre standard fuel tank, in the centre of the base frame, ensures continuous operation at full load for a complete shift.

The QAS 500 features a compartment for the electrical cubicle, so it is safe to access when running. The isolation of sensitive electrical components from the engine compartment provides reduced vibration and temperature impact. The cubicle door is sealed to prevent water and dust ingress.

An industrial B-curve four-pole main  circuit breaker protects the alternator against external short circuits by an  instantaneous trip three to five times the nominal current.

All main circuit breakers in the QAS range are omnipolar, essential for compatibility with the different configurations of customers? applications.

A fail-safe system monitors critical engine parameters like oil temperature, oil pressure and coolant temperature. If a sensor or transducer fails, the system shuts down to avoid any damage to the engine.

A dual stage fuel filter with integrated water separator and dual stage air filtration system ensures longer service intervals and increased engine life.  An extra safety cartridge filter element allows air filter replacement during operation.

The new model is powered by a six-cylinder, direct injection Volvo TAD 1641 GE diesel engine, driving a Leroy Somer alternator with PMG technology. A high performance radiator with high capacity cooling is fitted to guarantee prime power at 50 Hz – operation is assured in high ambient temperatures of up to 40?C and 1000m altitude.

A local or remote start digital control  module (Qc1002) provides generator control, protection and monitoring. All Qc controllers are equipped with external communication protocols to support the Cosmos option for satellite monitoring. The Qc4002 controller is an option for multi-start paralleling operations and is equipped with a Power Management System, which enables the user to save fuel and extend engine life.

Socket panels are an option to make power output connections easier, safer and faster. To increase flexibility, three phase socket sizes are available. Spark arrestor, air inlet shutdown valve and quick couplings for an external fuel tank are also available.

Source: Atlas Copco Compressors

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