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Fulton Hogan Adelaide purchased a TC1340 mobile cone crusher and a Powerscreen Chieftain 2100 two-deck from Screening and Crushing Systems (SCS) earlier in the year for processing blue dolomite at its quarry site in Waterloo, South Australia. The decision to buy the equipment was made after it hired the equipment from SCS in Melbourne.

?We had the machines on hire for five months. The machines worked so well that we decided to buy them,? said Paul Merritt, the quarry manager at the Waterloo site. ?It was more cost effective to own the equipment. Once we had established that the new configuration had improved productivity it was an easy decision.?

The Waterloo quarry supplies aggregates for spray sealing of asphalt and concrete operations as well as a variety of other sources meeting relevant South Australian roads standards. The quarry also supplies crushed rock, rubble, ballast, sands and various other quarry products.
Waterloo Quarry had been operating their existing set up on a three day cycle. The -22mm would be produced over a two day period then the final screening would take place for a day to produce aggregates from 7mm to 20mm, then the process would be repeated.
?We can now run our primary crushers with the TC1340 cone crusher and Powerscreen 2100 to produce saleable aggregates for 15 hours a day, every day giving us more production time to meet the demands of existing contracts,? said Paul.

SCS sales director Brian Court said that his company has enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with Fulton Hogan. ?We have worked with Fulton Hogan for a number of years. The mobile gear we have supplied to Waterloo Quarry fits their requirements and has helped them achieve some very good operating efficiencies.

?Mobile gear also gives operators more choices, whether in an existing quarry site or between multiple quarrying sites,? said Brian. ?Being able to hire first was also an important factor in their decision. It meant that they could make sure that the crushing configuration suited their needs before they decided to own the gear. Many of our customers are choosing this option.?

Source: Orbit Communications/SCS

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