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Australia?s first Dash 9 immediate success

Environmental Land Contracting (ELC) has been in operation since early 2001 and began operation with a singular truck and mulcher. In 2004, the business was purchased by Mick Black and Nicolas Omeara who had a grander vision for the organisation?s future outside the realms of basic site clearing (ie industrial mowing, mulching and clearing).

?Diversification is key in any business,? explains Mr Black, who currently acts as the company?s managing director. Since 2006, ELC has grown significantly. The company now encompasses a broader range of projects in land clearing and land restoration, with expertise in:
? Land clearing for the electrical industry and developers.
? Water quality improvement by clearing of contaminant waste  or foreign/damaging flora, foliage and trees.
? Civil land clearing and restoration of storm water channels.
? Water conservation management.
? Decontamination of land, removal and processing of contaminates such as lead, UXO and OCW.
? Construction of roads for substations in eco-sensitive environments.
? National park roads and access maintenance.
? Remediation of asbestos-contaminated areas.
? Access road construction for electrical industry.
? Pole hole drilling and erection of power poles
? The Queensland Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), civil and clearing.

ELC has a number of projects currently in operation which span from Lithgow, Yass and Wyong Shire and encompass a broad range of clientele such as the Australian Defence Department and the Queensland EPA to private developers. ?Our equipment holdings have grown from a handful of machines to a fleet in just a few short years? Mr Black explained. ?ELC have built a business structured on reliability and personal service and we expect the same level or quality and support from our equipment providers. Performance and reliability are two major factors we assess when sourcing equipment, whilst it is imperative each piece is environmentally sound.?

ELC took delivery of Australia?s first Dash 9 excavator in March this year – a Robex 290LC-9 29-tonne crawler excavator from Hyundai dealer CEG in Newcastle. ELC was so impressed with the machine after operating for just one month, that it purchased a second Dash 9, R210LC-9 21-tonne crawler excavator based on the impressive performance of the first machine.

?The Dash 9 series are fantastic machines and the service CEG and Hyundai provide are excellent,? Mr Black said. ?Hyundai Construction Equipment and dealer CEG have always gone beyond the measured mile to assist ELC and our decision to purchase the Dash 9 series excavator was based on several factors, including environmental and safety aspects, security, value for money, warranty, operator comfort and practicality, and long-term work potential.

?The bottom line is Hyundai have shown a commitment to match or exceed the capabilities and accessories of other  equipment brands and provide a solid commitment to service.?

Hyundai representative Robert Pearson and CEG territory manager Mike Bennett recently had the opportunity to catch up with Mr Black and the R290LC-9, which is currently operating in Yass. Working alongside the Dash 9 is an R210LC-7 (also purchased from CEG), which has been operating at ELC for the past few years over various projects. Both machines are clearing willow trees in and around river banks in an effort to restore the vital water sources. Since purchasing his first Dash 9 earlier this year, Mr Black and ELC have since purchased two more Dash 9 units to assist in the running of their land-contracting operations.

Source: Hyundai Construction Equipment

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