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?Smart? instruction in an emergency

In the workplace safety is paramount. Everyone deserves the best chance of survival from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). The ZOLL AED Plus defibrillator can guide you right through the crisis from calling for help to administering a shock.

In more than half of all cases of SCA, the first analysis of the victim will advise no shock; this means precise, vigorous, and continuous cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is the victim?s only hope. The AED Plus is therefore not just a defibrillator; it also issues clear direction on how to perform CPR and will help you apply the correct pressure at the correct rate of compressions.

The AED Plus is delivered ready to use, with a five year shelf life for the electrodes and lithium camera batteries.  It is rugged enough to withstand dust and water jets.

You could save a life with a AED Plus defibrillator in your workplace!

Five benefits and functions of AED Plus
1. Real CPR Help. When it is time to do CPR, Real CPR Help is of great assistance to the user. By comparison, other AEDs do not work half the time because no shock is advised. When that happens, only CPR can save the victim. Other AEDs will not be able to assist with CPR because they will not be able to see your chest compressions.
2. Support for the complete chain of survival. The AED Plus provides very easily read steps for checking responsiveness through to CPR, and reminds you of all that should be done before attaching electrodes to the patient.
3. Lowest total cost of ownership (555 Advantage). With a five year warranty, a five year battery and five year CPR-D ?padz?, the total number of accessories to replace is zero.
4. Best ingress protection rating for dust and water. The ingress protection rating is a worldwide standard for resistance to water and dust. The AED Plus has an IP55 rating.
5. Redundant battery power circuitry. The AED Plus is powered by 10 lithium batteries available at any retail store, making up two separate redundant power circuits. Therefore, even though the AEDPlus has ten batteries, it only uses five at a time. This means that even when the AED Plus has a red X and needs the batteries changed, it still has enough power to administer more than 100 shocks.

Source: ZOLL Medical Corporation, www.zoll.com.au

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