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Trellex has developed and ?supplemented the new LS modular screen media system to suit practically all types of screens with longitudinal upgrade strips. This system is available in rubber, wire and polyurethane, or a mixture of the two materials, which increase deck life.
Trellex products have been designed with environmental consideration and can now also be recycled. Another of its unique advantages is that a flat modular screening system can be changed to one incorporating a step function irrespective of the screen brand or size used, and irrespective whether used on a flat or cambered deck. Metso has installed the Trellex modular screening solution in mineral processing applications worldwide, demonstrating increases in size efficiency, accuracy, production, as well as profitability.

The step function causes the bed of feed material to break up and rotate continually,and stratification of the particles is maximised throughout the deck quickly, resulting in more effective screening of fine materials, minimising blinding and plugging. Because a greater part of the deck is utilised with the step function, wear is much more even than with traditional solutions and individual modules need replacement much less often. Replacement can be done quickly and easily with reduced downtime. When this happens,individual modules can also be rotated to maximise utilisation even further, and give customers an even lower cost per tonne of material produced.
Another significant advantage of Trellex synthetic media is to combine it with Trellex dust sealing and see considerable reduced noise levels.

Metso offers the largest product range of polymer screening media in the world. Both rubber and polyurethane products are also available in the other modular options in the Trellex range. These options include Trellex Panelcord, Trellstep, Trellflex and Stepflex. Cross tension products are Trellastic, Trellcord and Superflex anti-blinding screen cloth.

Trellex Panelcord media is used for screens without longitudinal supports and primarily for coarse applications. Most Panelcord panels have rider bars moulded to the top of the panel to direct fine material towards the apertures. This reduces wear and increases panel life.
Trellstep?s unique cascade effect (see Figure 2) improves screening accuracy and throughput. The cascade generated by the step design continuously breaks up the layer of feed material so that smaller particles are screened out faster. Stratificationin maximised and fines are minimised from step to step, resulting in faster screening, which means that critical sizes are separated more effectively.

The Trellex range incorporates several different types of polyurethane panels and many different rubber thicknesses in both soft and hard rubber, with moulded and punched apertures. The Trellstep system results in faster screening, which means that the critical sizes are separated more effectively.

Stepflex is a softer natural rubber anti-blinding modular system and is excellent for difficult screening applications. It combines the unique features of the modular system with Metso?s conventionally tensioned Superflex panel. It optimises the screening of fine, dry or sticky materials. Stepflex is perfect for screening materials with high fines content, high near size content and exceedingly high moisture content.


Trellex Superflex is a complete system specifically designed for materials that cause blinding and plugging in traditional steel screens. It fits all cambered screens, both cross and length tensioned designs which give significant flexilbility to mobile and fixed plant screen operators. No deck modifications are required to install Superflex.

The Superflex secret lies in a thin, flexible,soft rubber membrane type screen cloth, supported by reinforced rubber spacers. It is provided as a complete system to customers and includes screen panels, tension hooks,specially designed capping strips and centre hold-down bars if required. A new polyurethane capping has now been designed to maximise performance of the Superflex system.

Superflex can be used for fine screening of most materials such as limestone, sand, clay, gravel, fertilisers, iron ore, coal, copper,granite, diamonds, platinum and andalusite.

Superflex is a rubber screening product that has been installed in many applications where pegging and blinding has caused a decrease in open area. Such screening deficiency has always been a major contributor of high operational cost and resulted in a significant drop in productivity.

Metso has recently worked with a major Queensland quarry to streamline their screening efficiency and to maintain solid productivity by installing Metso rubber screening media on all their screens. The client had been experimenting with various screening media before deciding Metso screening media would suit their application best.

A total of 180 Metso rubber screen mats were installed in this quarry with products ranging from durable Trellcord to deal withabrasive materials to Superflex anti-blinding rubber screens on bottom decks. This meant no blinding and pegging issues in finer applications.
As well as achieving higher productivity than would have been possible using steel screens, the client has been experiencing less downtime and with fewer screen changes, maintenance and labour costs have also been reduced.

The biggest benefit of reduced screen changes and maintenance means less time spent on screen changes and more time spent on vital equipment maintenance. This results in more effective use of maintenance teams.

?Productivity? is the key word when it comes to quarrying and Metso rubber screening media has been proven to give optimal efficiency and increase throughput to achieve excellent rate per tonne cost.

Irrespective of the screens and screening media you are currently using, Trellex screening solutions can solve your screeningmedia
requirements  effectively, efficiently and at the lowest cost.

Andre Laidlaw is the Aftermarket Sales Manager for Barmac VSI and Screen Media at Metso Minerals (Australia) Limited.

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