Mining helped by Aerospace technology

Teakle composites, a newcomer to the fibre composite product development market, has announced it is utilising advanced simulation and analysis software in the development of a new generation of mining components, designed for greater durability and flexibility than steel. The new range of fibreglass products is being developed in msc software?s advanced finite element analysis (afea) package, before being fabricated for physical testing.

In using afea to emulate true-to-life mining scenarios, teakle has ?removed much of the guesswork in terms of ?identifying weak points in the ?development of new products, resulting in more optimised designs than those based purely upon the experience and knowledge of the developer. Among the new components are pressure piping and bore hole liners, which suffer corrosion from underground water. These composite alternatives to steel have a 20-year plus lifecycle, reducing costs and increasing mine efficiency.

Bore hole liners are a priority for redevelopment in fibreglass, since a composite design offers advantages in high bending strength for insertion and high crush strength.

Dr philip teakle, founder of teakle composites, said his company aims to ?develop lightweight pressure piping that is easier to install and is resistant to corrosion, for improving the safety and life span of critical equipment in the mine.
?as pressure piping is an essential conduit for fire fighting water and for displacing ground water, it was naturally high up on the list of priorities.?

While critical components are a primary early focus, teakle composites will develop a broader line of fibreglass mining components.

Source: kayleigh ford pr, teakle composites

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