Bead breakers enhance big tyre safety

High-pressure hydraulic bead breakers can protect staff and machinery by replacing heavy, clumsy, labour-intensive equipment with precisely applied high force from easily handled tools.

Enerpac?s 700 bar bead breakers can also save time during routine workshop maintenance and on-site repair operations that involve changing tyres on large trucks and implements.

The 700 bar EBB400 (45kN) and EBB180 (140kN) bead breakers are designed for heavy vehicles and implements in the construction, mining, quarrying and transport industries.

Weighing 15kg, the EBB400 combi bead breaker handles two and three-piece, 2-5-10 hole budd, 7.50 x 16s and all tubeless truck tyres and rims. Simple to operate without screws, bolts or ?attachments, the breaker assembly clamps hydraulically to all rims in seconds and breaks beads precisely with up to 45kN (five tonnes) of force. Uses of the EBB400 include trucks, graders and implement tyres.
The EBB180 giant tyre/earthmover bead breaker, weighing 14kg, is designed for use on off-road vehicles using five-piece rims of 25 to 51 inches in with pry bar head loosening pockets. Its 140kN (15.5 tonne) hydraulic cylinder has a long, 100mm, stroke for tough-to-break tyre beads.

Both bead breakers are compatible with Enerpac?s most ?commonly used pumps, including the PATG1102N air/hydraulic pump, PUJ1200E electric/hydraulic pump, and P392 hand pump, all with HC series hoses. They are also highly compatible with the XVARI XA air-over-hydraulic foot pumps being introduced by Enerpac to enable finer and safer control of tasks while completing jobs up to twice as quickly as conventional pumps.

Enerpac says the 700 bar XVARI XA features tremendously high oil flow, with its rotating air motor and rotating two-stage pump element giving hydraulic delivery up to 50 per cent higher than conventional pumps with linear motor and single piston.

Source: Whyte Public Relations/Enerpac

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