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Cone Crusher key to quarry expansion

Stornoway Quarrying has recently invested in new equipment to improve output at its quarry site in Breadalbane, northern Tasmania.

The SCS TC1235 Cougar cone crusher has made a dramatic difference to its quarry operations and the new machine (with direct feeder and right-angle hopper) is part of the first stage of the company?s $1.25 million investment in new rock crushing and screening equipment. The three-stage $5 million plan will more than double Stornoway Quarrying?s workforce.

The features of the portable TC1235 include its reliability and durability, the large feed size, increased crusher reduction, good clearance under the cone for discharging crushed material and the large 40-litre accumulator.

Even with his extensive industry experience, quarry manager Brett Hoyle had never used SCS before purchasing the TC1235.  ?I spent about four months researching the different types of cone crushers from suppliers all over the world but had never been involved with SCS until now,? he said.

Mr Hoyle eventually settled on the SCS cone crusher, primarily for the flexibility and capability of the feed size and the depth of crushing within the cone chamber. ?We liked the adaptability to add a feed hopper on the main unit, which made the Stornoway Quarrying machine the first to do so,? he explained.

?The flexibility of the machine is incredible. We recently moved it off site for the first time for a contract crushing job and had to take the feed hopper off. Within 90 minutes, it was ready to load onto the truck.

?Even when the cone crusher hit the ground at its end location it was ready to go again in five minutes, as the feeder was not required for the next job. The rock for this job is small, so it can simply go straight over to the screening plant and into the crusher.

?We can do it very comfortably just with the crusher and feed hopper, rather than the screening too, which cuts down customer expenses and time.?

The company uses the cone crusher in its quarry about 80 per cent of the time.  ?The cone crusher has helped to make Sternway leading quarry in northern Tasmania,? said Mr Hoyle.

?The material that we?ve had crushed previously by contractors was at a per tonne rate that was a lot lower output per hour. Now we?re putting out more tonnage per hour than the contractors were doing.  Previously we had difficulty making the material within specification, but with this machine it comes into specification automatically.?

Mr Hoyle says Stornoway will definitely consider purchasing another cone crusher in the future.

SCS sales director Brian Court said the TC1235 cone units give ?operators more choices. This might be within an existing quarry site or between multiple quarrying sites. We have spent a lot of time researching and developing the Cougar Cone and we are excited about the final product?.

The TC1235 Cougar is a high production cone, based on a top/bottom bush configuration.  The machine features a large feed size and high reduction rate, which Mr Court believes makes it ideal for crushing contractors. ?What makes the Cougar cone really stand out is its ability to handle demolition concrete with a range of contaminants such as reinforcing steel,? he added.

?The introduction of our cone crushing unit takes SCS to a new level.  We are excited about the possibilities and confident that our product will make a big difference in any crushing configuration.?

Source: Screening and Crushing Australia

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