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Lending a helping ?arm? and breaker

The Northern Quarries site in Epping, Victoria is a basalt quarry producing concrete aggregates and crushed rock, including road base. It has been operational for 17 years, and has grown to be a major supplier to a number of large organisations and government projects as well as small operators. The quarry produces Class 1, 2 and 3 crushed rock for road construction as well as commercial grade crushed rock for roads and buildings sub-base aggregates are produced for concrete production and drainage purposes.

Northern Quarries has built a new primary crusher module. This comprised a single toggle jaw crusher and hydraulically powered reciprocating plate feeder. Its management realised that to guarantee high production, any blocking, jamming or bridging of rocks in the jaw or on the feeder must be eliminated. This necessitated the fitting of a hydraulic arm and breaker assembly to efficiently clear any blockages.

The quarry management proposed that the hydraulic arm and breaker assembly should be part of the overall design of the new primary crusher installation and not just a last minute add-on.

Indeco Australia has been a preferred supplier to this quarry for 12 years, a relationship built on quality product supported by experienced service providers and on the shelf parts availability. Indeco also designs each arm individually to ensure the breaker reaches exactly where it is required.

In designing this installation, a Northern Quarries engineer collaborated with Indeco?s design engineer to produce an assembly to meet the quarry manager?s exact requirements. This resulted in a four metre arm mounted at the base of the hopper. No expensive mounting tower was required plus it was realised that the hydraulic power pack operating the feeder had enough capacity to also operate the arm assembly.

The end result was major cost cutting plus two less items to maintain and cause obstruction to overall servicing. This installation can be operated from the mounting point of the arm which gives an unrestricted view of the crusher jaw or by mobile radio control which can view any blockage from access points or via cameras viewed from the operating cabin. Safety is a major consideration, greasing and routine servicing is from a central point plus the design does not permit the arm to enter into walkways. A stop button is located at the controls.

Plant operator Mark Hutchinson has been impressed by the performance. ?It is so quick and simple to use, I actually enjoy operating it,? he said. ?The Indeco HP1500W breaker has adequate power to easily handle any oversize basalt rocks blocking the crusher or feeder.?

Source: Indeco Australia

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