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Komatsu Australia has released the HD1500-7 truck, a 144-tonne capacity mechanical drive dump truck, featuring significant enhancements to its drivetrain, cab and frame.

The largest mechanical-drive truck in Komatsu’s range, it has higher horsepower than its predecessor, faster haul speeds and improved manoeuvrability, resulting in lower costs per tonne.

Power comes from a Komatsu SDA12V160 turbocharged diesel rated at 1048kW through a fully automatic, electronically controlled seven-speed transmission giving a maximum travel speed of 58km/h.

According to Kris Burford, Komatsu Australia’s national product manager, mining, key features of the HD1500-7 include:
? a lock-up transmission system in all forward gears for fuel savings
? oil-cooled multiple disc brakes, giving great retarding capabilities
? a MacPherson strut type front suspension system, resulting in the smallest turning circle in its class (3.05m less than its closest opposition)
? a new-generation operator’s compartment, matching the design concepts of Komatsu’s latest trucks, dozers and wheel loaders, providing increased room and driver comfort, along with lower in-cab noise levels
? advanced transmission system, including Komatsu’s K-ATOMiCS system and auto retard speed control for greater safety on downhill runs
? automatic spin regulation which automatically prevents the rear tyres on either side from slipping on soft ground for optimal traction
? optional ABS (anti-lock braking), and
? easier maintenance through doubled oil change intervals and centralised greasing points and filters.

The new HD1500-7 also features an enhanced engine damper assembly, matched to the Komatsu electronically controlled transmission.

Both the front and rear propulsion shafts have been redesigned to provide a smooth transition of power to the updated final drive assembly, said Mr Burford.

“The final drive housing is cast with 25-tonne yield strength material, significantly recontoured to reduce stresses on drive components.

“As well, the final drive features planetary gear teeth with a larger profile, while the internal drive shaft diameter has been increased to more closely match the torque requirements of the drivetrain,” he said.

“Overall, our new HD1500-7 has over 4 per cent more horsepower than its competition in this class of truck, providing a 10 per cent speed advantage on an effective 12 per cent grade at maximum payload capacity,” said Mr Burford.

“Downhill, the difference is even greater, providing an 18 per cent speed-on-grade advantage while traversing a 10 per cent downhill grade, fully loaded.

“These distinct differences between the new HD1500-7 and other trucks in its weight class translate to shorter cycle times, greater hauling efficiency and a significantly lower cost per tonne,” he said.

Komatsu has also worked in other ways to reduce the fleet ownership costs of the HD1500-7, with many components standard in its predecessor.

“This effort to make many components common between models gives owners ready access to an existing pool of new and remanufactured parts inventory to lower the costs of maintaining these trucks,” said Mr Burford.

Source: Komatsu

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