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President's Desk
Promoting the journey from "silent" to active achievers

Clayton Hill shares that the Quarrying industry offers a large variety of roles across operational, technical and management spheres. Read more »
Carving stone – eg marble, granite, tuff – has been commonly used by artisans on grand monuments such as the Lincoln Memorial.

D is for dimension stone

As he ponders the massive back catalogue of material he has written for Quarry over nearly two decades, Bill Langer this month ‘rights’ a creative ‘wrong’ … Read more »

Editor's Desk
The 10-year musings of a quarry "veteran"

Damian Christie reflects on 10 years at the helm of Quarry, commenting on the industry's evolution in education and training opportunities and its engagement with young, female and elderly workers. Read more »
The quarry industry is benefiting from the historical Victorian Parliament House building’s makeover.

Iconic stone restoration project moves into next phase

Stone from two local quarries is being used to restore Victoria’s iconic Parliament House, with the role of the industry in the 10-year-plus project being heralded by the legislative establishment. Read more »

President's Desk
Thinking about tomorrow - today

In an era of constantly changing technologies and increased competition for skilled workers, Clayton Hill explains why the extractive industry must concentrate today on developing dynamic roles and opportunities for school leavers, trainees and graduates. Read more »

Editor's Desk
Forget the Greens - Keep the grass roots 'in sight, in mind'

Following the spectacular collapse in votes for populist minor parties in recent state elections and a federal by-election, Damian Christie argues that it is the power of grass roots movements that the quarrying industry should take more seriously. Read more »
Defining your reserves is not that scary!

Need help defining your reserves?

A month after reviewing an article he wrote nearly two decades ago about the geologist’s role in the valuation of quarry reserves, Bill Langer describes how such reserves should be classified and defined today … Read more »
A “mum and dad” operation that provides a truckload of bank-run sand and gravel to a customer may not care about aggregate reserves – but a buyer for the same site would want to thoroughly understand them.

Geology Talk
How much are your reserves worth?

A mere 18 years after he wrote a column for this publication about the geologist’s role in the valuation of aggregate reserves, Bill Langer now revisits the topic and re-evaluates … Read more »

President's Desk
Innovative initiatives for growing the membership

Clayton Hill discusses some of the initiatives being proposed to meet the IQA's ambitious 2019 membership target and shares good news about the Australian Academy of Quarrying. Read more »

Editor's Desk
Infrastructure development: A small price to pay

When it comes to upgrading congested and ageing infrastructure, Damian Christie talks about the things most people take for granted - the importance of quarries and construction materials. Read more »
Sarah Bellman says she always had a passion for big machines and the great outdoors.

Soap Box
Sarah Bellman: Striving for sustainable, exciting, innovative work environments

Sarah Bellman joined the extractive industry in 2007 as a graduate management trainee at Hanson Construction Materials. Now, as Hanson’s quarry operations manager for South Australia, Sarah shares her insights of the industry. Read more »

Editor's Desk
New infrastructure wave highlights industry challenges

Damian Christie talks about the prevailing economic conditions and what they mean for the aggregates industry in the next 12 months. Read more »


Monday, 21 May, 2018 03:23pm
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