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Doug Prosser at the Pushkar Camel Fair in Rajasthan, India.

Doug Prosser: A humble man doing extraordinary things

Over the years Doug Prosser has written for Quarry about many talented individuals in the quarry industry. When he was invited to tell his own story, Doug himself was a reluctant participant – much like the subjects of his interviews. However, at the urging of IQA members, Doug has finally relented – and here is his story, as told to Jim Hankins. Read more »
Lake Illawarra covers a catchment area of 238km2.

The Conservation of Lake Illawara

Lake Illawarra is situated on the NSW south coast, within the Wollongong and Shellharbour local government areas. Read more »
Richard Sharp’s grandfather William Sharp working on one of New Zealand’s early roads, circa 1866.

Family’s quarrying history runs in the blood

There are some families in the quarry industry whose history runs deep. For one family, its involvement spans two growing countries and more than 100 years. Richard Sharp spoke to Mandy Parry-Jones about his family’s contribution to quarrying and the development of the industry in that time. Read more »
A young Danny in field dress in (to quote Danny) “a not so regimental pose” at the Officer Cadet School in Portsea, Victoria.

Danny Duke: From serviceman to quarryman

Danny Duke is an ever popular member of the quarrying industry and has left an indelible mark on the IQA over many years. He spoke with Doug Prosser about how he found his way into the industry and how the military mindset is just as applicable to quarrying as it is to the Army. Read more »
Gary Bashford at the site of an active volcano in Antarctica.

Gary Basford: Between two worlds

Gary Basford’s working life was almost equally divided between first the public service and then private enterprise. In doing so, Gary became a successful, respected representative of both spheres. Doug Prosser delves into the background of this Queensland Fellow. Read more »
In her youth, Miriam went on a safari to the Olduvai Gorge, which is recognised by some as the “cradle of civilisation”.

Case Studies
Miriam Watters: The Lass from Tanganyika

When Doug Prosser first approached Miriam Watters for an interview, her immediate reaction was surprise, peppered with modest protests that there were many others in the quarry industry more worthy and interesting. Yet, as Doug explains, Miriam is herself a woman with a very worldly story. Read more »
Stonemasons were asked to fashion six metre tall columns.

Miracle in stone

An Israeli archaeologist says he has found the site of a sixth century miracle documented by the Byzantine historian Procopius of Caesarea. Read more »
Hanson's Wolffdene quarry is reaching out to local students with a safety initiative.

Quarry collaborates on road safety program

Exposure to the quarry industry is a first step to ensuring that tomorrow’s young adults recognise the value of quarries as well as promoting road safety. Read more »
Before - the disused quarry that is to be a five star hotel complex.

‘Groundscraper’ closer to reality

A five-star luxury hotel complex will be built in a disused 100m deep quarry pit at the foot of the Tianmashan mountain, 45 kilometres southwest of Shanghai, China. Preparations for the new development commenced in March. Read more »
Aaron Bonanno. Photo: Sydney Morning Herald.

Take me to the moon

Basalt from a Kulnura quarry on New South Wales’ central coast is taking a young Australian university student to California to present his research at the American Society for Civil Engineers at the Earth and Space 2012 conference. Read more »
Jim Playsted: “We don’t lack for an agenda!”

Jim Playsted: The Master of Ceremonies

Although Jim Playsted’s career was in many ways determined by his willingness to learn from several industry leaders, there is also no doubting his tenacity, ambition to succeed and boundless energy. Doug Prosser tells Jim’s story. Read more »
Smaller operators are now interested in the capitalisation rate as it relates to their quarries.

Determining the capitalisation rate for quarry valuations

As smaller quarry operations become the acquisitions of larger operations, so interest grows in the application of capitalisation rates for quarry valuations. Rod Stephens explains how these applications work and what happens if they are incorrectly applied. Read more »


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