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For extractive operators, initial cost pressures can make non-OEM spare parts for slurry pumps more attractive than genuine parts.

The risks of using replicator spare parts on slurry pumps

Replicating spare parts for slurry pumps is a serious issue in the extractive materials industry, for both solutions providers and the operators who utilise them. Read more »
Locker Group’s Gridwalk walkway mesh stops small objects from falling through.

New Products
Compliant walkway mesh

Locker Group has released a new profile for its Gridwalk walkway mesh that is compliant with updated regulations. Read more »
In quarrying, unplanned injury strategies can cost organisations up to $1 million in accident compensation and prosecution costs.

Online course to teach safety

An Australian risk management training provider has suggested that work-related injuries and illnesses can potentially cost the economy more than $60 billion dollars a year. Read more »
The Dustbuster pump is capable of flows of up to 2900 litres per minute, with operating  pressures of up to 100psi.

Tanker pump offers dust solution for haul roads

Leading pump supplier offers dust solutions for quarry and construction sites. Read more »
RST applies heavy water solution into Boral’s haul road watering program to mitigate excessive dust caused by damaged or unsealed haul roads.

Dust is busted at West Burleigh Quarry

A southeast Queensland Boral operator employs a dust suppression contractor to reduce its dust emissions – with excellent results. Read more »
Before: GVW’s Shepparton wastewater treatment plant was considered odorous and unsustainable.

Demystifying sustainability for business improvement

It is very easy for businesses to confuse sustainability with broader environmental issues and debates and to completely rule it out of their operations. Nick Fleming explains why sustainability should not be feared and how it can be utilised to improve the bottom line. Read more »
Dust monitors are increasingly being used to ensure that quarries comply with dust control measures.

Sustaining environmental management through training

In line with requests from its members, the IQA later this month conducts two PDP workshops on environmental management. Facilitator Clayton Hill explains why environmental considerations are becoming ingrained in a quarry’s daily operations and why they cannot be ignored. Read more »
Wormald’s vehicle fire suppression systems are designed to provide vital fire risk management for quarry mobile plant and equipment.

Environmental Products
Fire expert provides vital protection at Boral quarries

A supplier of fire safety equipment for mobile plant has demonstrated its wares in 57 Boral sites throughout Australia. Read more »
Damian Christie, Editor of Quarry Magazine

Editor's Desk
When will it be time for uniform mine safety laws?

After a decade of deliberation by the Commonwealth, states and territories and the mining and extractive industries, the country is no closer to devising a uniform regime for mine health and safety. The question Damian Christie poses is this: if now isn't the time, then when will it be? Read more »
We should not assume that all women do not take risks in the workplace and can sort out issues related to gendered behaviours.

Gendered behaviours and safety – the story so far

Dr Dean Laplonge has previously reported on the potential impact of hyper-masculinity on safety conduct on mine sites. What has happened since then? How far has this debate moved along? Dean updates his thoughts on gendered behaviours and safety in the mining industry. Read more »
IQA's Safety Management Plan blue book.

New Products
IQA’s Blue Book

IQA’s Blue Book, the revised Safety Management Plan Work Book, is available for sale. Read more »
Reynolds Soil Technologies has helped Boral in Queensland beat its dust problems.

Dust buster at Boral’s West Burleigh quarry

Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST) is the prime dust buster at Boral’s West Burleigh quarry, a hard rock quarry site in Queensland. Read more »


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