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The first Responsible Mining Index report identifies areas in which large mining companies can improve. Image courtesy: <a href="" target="_blank">Astrid Westvang</a>

Responsible Mining Index goes online

A report that details how some of the world’s largest companies meet environmental, social and economic expectations has been released. Read more »

Editor's Desk
Stamping out negative attitudes, practices in the 'fair go' era

The IQA conference in Toowoomba in October highlighted the great strides that the IQA and the extractive industry is taking to encourage more women and young people into the sector. However, as Damian Christie remarks, there are still concerning signs that the safety of all workers risks being compromised so long as old, ingrained attitudes and lack of workplace flexibility linger. Read more »
Jenny Krasny (pictured in a session with Hastings Deering personnel) says her role is to foster a teaching environment for customers where opinions are valued and where every person feels their efforts are recognised and make a difference.

The impact of cultural stigmas on safety

Jenny Krasny will be highlighting the cultural stigmas that exist in the workplace, how they affect organisations striving for zero incidents, and strategies for an effective culture of risk minimisation. Ahead of her presentation, Jenny kindly shares some of her insights. Read more »
The MAQOHSC-funded training in work health and safety will be available online.

Health, safety training offered to quarries

Free health and safety training, including some face to face training, is being offered to quarry workers over the course of one year. Read more »
The NSW government's <em>Fatigue management evaluation manual</em>.

Coping with mental health issues in quarries

In 2015, suicides within the quarrying and mining industries convinced many industry people that more had to be done to address the specific mental health issues of workers. Kylie Newton discusses what quarry operators can do to support and assist workers in doubt. Read more »
PriceWaterhouseCoopers and beyondblue have examined how employee mental health conditions impact on productivity and participation across a range of industries.

Businesses to gain from workplace mental health

A new report on workplace mental health suggests that quarry operators looking to reduce costs would benefit from paying more attention to the wellbeing of their employees.  Read more »
Srinivasan Kathiresan (far right) is this year's Volvo Safety Award recipient in the Malaysian quarry industry.

Safety award for Malaysian industry

Volvo Construction Equipment has initiated the first safety award program for Malaysian quarries. Read more »
Would you knowingly let one of your operators behind the wheel of a compact loader if they had taken synthetic drugs?

Mimicking the effects: The dangers of synthetic drugs

The quarrying and mining industries have long battled illicit drug use amongst workers. However, as Katherine Crichton reports, there is a new threat to workplace safety from products that mimic the effects of illicit drugs, are readily accessible and are not easily detectable.  Read more »
V8 racer Jamie Whincup will mentor Komatsu apprentices.

V8 racer to mentor apprentices

V8 Supercar champion Jamie Whincup will mentor 200 Komatsu apprentices on their way to becoming future leaders. Read more »
WesTrac’s Tomago complex was opened in July last year, with 450 people employed on a 23-hectare site containing 12 buildings.

Cat dealer cuts 350 jobs

Heavy machinery dealer WesTrac is cutting 350 jobs as part of a restructure due to weaker demand from the resources industry.  Read more »
Category winners of the Safe Work Australia Awards in Canberra at the end of April.

Construction materials product safety award

A concrete cleaning product was amongst the winners of the 8th annual Safe Work Australia Awards in Canberra at the end of April. Read more »
Quarry workers act up for the camera in a new safety video.

Quarrymen become movie stars

Quarry workers recently took to the limelight when shooting started for a video to raise awareness of safe work, good posture and ergonomics. Read more »


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