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The disused Bridge Street Quarry in Toowoomba was on the list of trade opportunities discussed on a week-long trade mission to New Zealand by a 70-strong Toowoomba Regional Council delegation.

Trade mission highlights gardens project

Converting a century-old disused quarry into a botanical gardens modelled on a New Zealand tourist attraction has figured prominently in an international trade mission. Read more »
The idle Bridge Street Quarry is the site of the proposed Quarry Gardens in Toowoomba.

International experts consult on Toowoomba gardens project

A New Zealand ‘quarry garden’ has been promoted as a ‘template’ for converting a disused Toowoomba site into botanical gardens. Read more »
Bowers Quarry is located in England’s southern coast and will host a monument dedicated to biodiversity. Image courtesy: Albion Stone.

Tourist attraction to open on active site

More than a decade after being approved, an innovative tourist monument is set to open at a stone quarry and mine site in 2020. Read more »
The idle Bridge Street Quarry is the site of the proposed Quarry Gardens in Toowoomba.

Quarry Gardens plan revived after decade in wilderness

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has committed $250,000 towards a feasibility study to transform an idle quarry on the outskirts of Toowoomba into first-class parkland. Read more »
Hornsby Quarry contains a “perfect” cross-section of a diatreme.

Geologists lobby to preserve quarry rock formation

Geologists are lobbying to modify a spoil management plan that could reduce access to a scientifically significant rock formation in an old quarry. Read more »
Aaron Stewart collects insects and mound material samples for analysis from an ant mound north of Kalgoorlie, WA. Photo by Nathan Reid.

Ants carry the load on exploration

Australia’s most numerous mining prospectors can show us where new gold deposits are – and they’re not of the regular two-legged variety, according to the CSIRO. Read more »
Martian sand grains collected by the Curiosity rover have crystals similar to basaltic soils found in volcanic regions on Earth.

Geological curiosity on Mars

Mars apparently has a lot in common with Hawaii and Glenelg, South Australia. NASA’s Curiosity rover exploration vehicle is making the connections. Read more »
Bowen Axe Quarry is full of ancient Aboriginal tools.

Indigenous group regains Axe Quarry

The Mt William axe quarry, near Kilmore, Victoria, is one of two properties recently handed back to the Wurundjeri people by the Australian Government through the Indigenious Land Corporation (ILC). Read more »
A 165 year old specimen unearthed in a UK quarry is believed to be the forebearer of the Jurassic leedsichthysproblematicus.

Quarry reels in quite a catch

The fossilised remains of a prehistoric fish have been unearthed in a major archaeological coup at a Hanson quarry. Read more »
The IGC will feature new data and maps from a decade of geological and geophysical surveys conducted over Asia.

Geoscientists gather for landmark congress

Approximately 5000 delegates from 112 countries will converge on Brisbane next month for the largest geological event ever to be held in Australia. Read more »
Victoria’s stand at the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1867, showing bales of wool. Wool has always been a commodity in Australia’s “Magic Pudding”.

Value adding in Australia - the beginning of the end?

Australia’s historical reliance on the primary industries of mining and agriculture, and in turn the demand for commodities, lead to the rise of the mineral processing industry. Viv Forbes explains why a carbon tax could have a deleterious impact on all mineral processing plants in Australia. Read more »
Over 20 researchers from NASA’s Spaceward Bound Program have visited the Pilbara to analyse ancient rocks and fossils for clues that could suggest life on Mars.

Pilbara offers clues to life on Mars

A team of researchers are studying the Pilbara’s ancient rock and fossils for clues that could suggest life on Mars. Read more »


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