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President's Desk
Growing, enhancing the Institute and its people

Clayton Hill wholeheartedly embraces this opportunity and expresses how he feels to be the new president of IQA. Read more »
John Mitas

President's Desk
Building on our strategic initiatives

IQA former president John Mitas expresses his pleasure and honour to have served as President of the IQA. Read more »

President's Desk
Exhibiting strong local, regional leadership

IQA President John Mitas relates the importance of the IQA's 17 branches and sub-branches in driving leadership for the Institute's membership across the country. Read more »

President's Desk
Connecting infrastructure with the extractive industry

John Mitas announces that the IQA conference in Toowoomba will focus on Regional Australia's role in our economy.
Read more »

President's Desk
A national certification system for our quarry managers

IQA President John Mitas discusses the importance of the association's Quarry Manager Certification System. Read more »

President's Desk
Last chance to make your mark on the 2017 annual awards!

The IQA, together with industry supporters, presents a number of annual awards to people who have distinguished themselves through educational accomplishments or their work in the quarrying industry. Read more »

President's Desk
Toowoomba meeting to highlight the importance of our regions

IQA President John Mitas discusses the upcoming annual conference in Toowoomba. Read more »

President's Desk
Managing safer blasting under community scrutiny

IQA President John Mitas discusses his experience in how to manage blasting in your quarry alongside the local community.   Read more »

President's Desk
Educating, connecting our extractive industry

Strategic planning is critical for the success of any organisation, including not-for-profit organisations like the IQA, according to John Mitas.  Read more »

President's Desk
Promoting “green” quarrying practices

For the quarrying industry to maintain its social licence, demonstrating its green credentials is vital, John Mitas argues. Read more »

President's Desk
The year ahead and beyond

IQA President John Mitas encourages the industry to look into the Institute's professional development programs in the new year.  Read more »
John Mitas

President's Desk
CMIC16 a great success

President John Mitas reflects on the success of this years' Construction Materials Industry Conference (CMIC) in Melbourne. Read more »


Saturday, 20 January, 2018 04:24pm
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